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Lab Exam 1

the metric system is based on multiples of 10
the basic metric unit for length is meter
the basic metric unit for weight(mass) grams
the basic metric unit for volume liter
converting m to cm move decimal 2 spaces
converting m>2 to cm>2 move decimal 4 spaces
converting m>3 to cm>3 move decimal 6 spaces
Give the equation to convert Fahrenheit temp to celsius C=5/9(F-32)
give the equation to convert celsius to Fahrenheit F= 9/5 C+ 32
what temp do the celsius and Fahrenheit scales give the exact same reading? -40 degrees
the ability of water to move up a polar tube capillary action
a material will dissolve in water only if it is polar
A water molecule is polar because of the irregular distribution of what subatomic particles? electrons
The tendency of water to behave as if surrounded by a membrane is called surface tension
mixing water with non polar material requires surfactant
the synthetic creation that results in the production of water is dehydration synthesis
the degradative reaction necessary to undue the reaction in a above is hydrolysis
the covalent bond between two amino acids in a dipeptide is called peptide bond
the monomeric unit for carbohydrates is monosacaride
occurs because water is attracted to other substances other than itself adhesion
water has surface tension because water is attracted to water a trait called cohesion
would liquified plastic dissolve in water? no
material that mix in water are called - because of their "love" for it hydrophilic
Humans cannot walk on the surface tension of water because of their weight
what affect does soap have on their surface tension of water it breaks through it
Soap has a peculiar effect on surface tension of water it is called a surfactant
Metric units K H Da M D C M - - U
amount of heat required to change 1 gram of a substance by 1 C specific heat
the cooling effect on vaporization of water from a body surface evaporation cooling
two alpha glucose molecules bond to yield maltose and one molecule of water disaccharides
a triple alcohol and is the backbone of lipids glycerol
are substances like fats, oils, and waxes lipids
are compounds containing an amine group and a carboxyl attached to the same carbon amino acids
amino acids combine to form proteins
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