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Social studies (S1)

What is it called when you have obedience to your parents? Filial Piety
What Chinese religion mainly focuses on human society? Confucianism
What Chinese religion mainly focuses on nature? Daoism
What was the Black Plague? A disease that killed 1/3 of Europe’s population.
Who were the Brahmin? The leaders and teachers.
Who are the Kshatriyas? The guards and soldiers.
Who are the Vishnu? The merchants.
What did the Aryans institute when they conquered India? The Caste system.
What places did the Silk Road go to and from? Eastern China to Greece Rome and the Middle East.
Who was the leader of Sparta during grecces war with pursia? Leonidas
Who is the geek goddess of wisdom? Athena
Who is the king of the gods? Zeus
Which Greek god or goddess symbole is a boar? Ares
Who is the Greek goddess of love and beauty? Aphrodite
Who is the Greek god of the sun? Apollo
Who is the Roman god of the underworld? Pluto
Which goddess is the goddess of marriage? This goddess Roman form is Juno. Greek form Hera
What are Buddhism’s four Noble truths?
What did India contribute to math? The concept of zero.
What did China contribute the world? Paper,gunpowder, the compass.
What material did China make large profits with on the Silk Road? Silk
What clan was the mongol Genghis khan born to? The temujin
What was one military strategy did Genghis khan use? He faked a retreat to lure his enemies out.
What new weapon did Genghis khan use? Cannons
What new system did the mongols use? A mail system.
What caused the decline of the mongol empire? Weaker leaders, to large of an empire,threats grow on their boarders.
What did siddartha Gautama do to achieve enlightenment ? He meditated under a fig tree for 49 days.
Were the mongols nomadic or stationary? Nomadic
How long was the Silk Road? 4,000 miles
After Muhammad’s death what were the sects called that split form his direct teachings? The Sunni sect,The Shi’a sect
What is the effect of the spread of Islam? The Muslims main language became the common language.
What is a vassel? What is a man who has sworn an oath to supply troops in times of war to a higher power.
What did lords build for protection against the vikings? Castles
What did land owning lords give to knights for their loyalty? Fiefs
What was a lord's land called? A manor
What happened after the fall of the roman empire? The idea of learning declined, Less and less people could read or write.
What does the word "viking" mean? Pirate raid
What battle did William the Duke of Normandy win to take control of Europe? The battle of Hastings
Who battled in the hundred year "war"? England vs France
Who won the hundred year war? France because of John of Ark
What were some of the good things that the war did to both countries? It brought them together
From what times did the hundred year war run through? 1337--- 1453 (106 years)
What religion did Russia adopt from the Byzantine empire? Eastern Orthodox
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