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Using Latin I:XIII

Beginning Latin

Animus, -i (m.) Mind, spirit
In animo habere To intend
Certamen, certaminis (n.) Contest
Classis, classis, -ium (f.) Fleet; Division, class
Conjunx, -jugis (m. or f.) Husband, wife
Domicilium, -i (n.) Domicile, home
Furor, -oris (m.) Madness, frenzy
Lacrima, -ae (f.) Tear (as in weeping)
Litus, -oris (n.) Shore
Mens, mentis, -ium (f.) Mind; Purpose
Mors, mortis, -ium (f.) Death
Sanguis, -inis (m.) Blood
Tempestas, -tatis (f.) Storm, tempest; Weather
Terror, -oris (m.) Terror, fright, fear
Tumulus, -i (m.) Mound, tomb
Unda, -ae (f.) Wave
Vadum, -i (n.) Shallow place, ford, shoal
Ventus, -i (m.) Wind
Virgo, -inis (f.) Maiden, girl
Capio, -ere, cepi, captum To take, seize, capture; Receive
Confirmo, -are, -avi, -atum To confirm, strengthen, establish
Cupio, -ere, -ivi, -itum To wish, want
Expello, -pellere, -puli, -pulsum (3rd) To drive out
Fluo, -ere, fluxi, fluxsum (3rd) To flow
Gero, -ere, gessi, gestum (3rd) To carry, wear; Carry on, wage, do
Jaceo, -ere, -ui (2nd) To lie, lie down
Peto, -ere, petivi, petitum (3rd) To seek, look for; Ask, ask for; Attack
Promitto, -mittere, -misi, -missum (3rd) To promise
Relinquo, -linquere, -liqui, -lictum (3rd) To leave, leave behind, abandon
Alius, -a, -ud Another, other; Else (adj.)
Idoneus, -a, -um Suitable, fit, favorable
Insanus, -a, -um Insane, crazy
Graviter Severely; Heavily; greatly, deeply
Interim Meanwhile, in the meanwhile
Numquam Never
Created by: Hamilcar