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What lesion is flat, non palpable change in skin color, with different sizes, shapes, color; usually smaller than 1 cm? Macule
What are examples of a macule? Rubella, scarlet fever, freckles
What lesion is palpable solid raised and less than 1 cm Papule
What are examples of a papule? Ringworm, wart, mole
What lesion is solid, elevated, larger, and deeper than a papule? Nodule
What is an example of a nodule? Fibroma, intradermal nevi
What lesion is a small, blisterlike raised area of the skin that contains serous fluid, up to 1 cm in diameter? Vesicle
What are examples of a vesicle? Poison ivy, shingles, chicken pox
What lesion is a fluid filled vesicle or blister larger than 1 cm? Bulla
What are examples of a bulla? Burns, contact dermatitis
What lesion is a small elevation of skin or vesicle or bulla that contains lymph or pus? Pustule
What are examples of a pustule? Impetigo, scabies, acne
What lesion is round, transient elevation of the skin caused by dermal edema and surrounding capillary dilation; White center and red periphery? Wheal
What are examples of a wheal? Hives, insect bites
What lesion is a patch or solid and raised on the skin or mucous membrane that is greater than 1cm? Plaque
What is an example of plaque? Psoriasis
What lesion is a closed sac or pouch which consists of semi solid, solid, or liquid material? Cyst
What is an example of a cyst? Sebaceous cyst
What lesion is dry exfoliation of dead epidermis that may develop as a result of inflammatory changes? Scale
What are examples of scales? Very dry skin, cradle cap, psoriasis
What lesion is a scab formed by dry serum, plus, or blood? Crust
What are examples of crust? Infected dermatitis, impetigo
What lesion is traumatized abrasions of the epidermis or linear scratch marks? Excoriation
What are examples of excoriation? Scabies, dermatitis, burns
What lesion is a slit or cracklike sore that extends into dermis, usually due to continuous inflammation and drying? Fissure
What are examples of fissures? Athlete's foot, anal fissures
What lesion is an open sore that extends to the dermis? Ulcer
What is an example of an ulcer? Pressure sores
What lesion is thickening and hardening of skin from continued irritation such as from intense scratching? Lichenification
What lesion is a mark left in the skin due to fibrotic changes following healing of a wound or surgical incision? Scar
Created by: BrittBS