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CHCS~Life Science


cells a living structure/little rooms
size of white blood cells average
each drop of human blood (cells) 130 million cells
human body (cells) 60 trillion cells
some cells are specialized and perform special functions
Robert Hooke the first person to use the word cell
cytoplasm the thick substance cells have
scientific observations were made after several years before the accepted the cell theory
All cells come from preexisting cells
All living things are made of cells and the product of cells
The functions of living things are performed by the cells they are made of
cells from parents join together to produce embroy
Cells__________&___________ to produce more cells grow divide/which develop into parts of the body
Fingernails,toenails,hair are made of skin cells
All cells use (A) energy
All cells (B) manufacture materials
All cells respond (c) to their environment
All cells (D) reproduce themselves
(A) when cells stop working they die
(b) cells make material inside of them
(b) Produce wast materials during activities
(C) cells live through changing enviorment
(C) some cells are extremely sensitive
Created by: pigsrule150