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9th Environmental Sc

JORGE - Chapter 1-Section 2 OUTLINE Page 3

ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINTS ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINTS ___________ ___________ are calculations that show the productive area of Earth needed to support one person in a particular country.
LAND OCEAN ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINTS: An ecological footprint estimates the____used for crops, grazing, forest productions, and housing. It also includes the _______ area used to harvest see food and the forest area needed absorb the air pollution caused by fossil fuels
CONSUMPTION ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINTS: an ecological footprint is one way to express the differences in_______ between nations.
DISTORT ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINTS:People on either side on an environmental issue may feel passionately about their cause and can________ information to mislead people about the issue.
POLITICAL ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINTS: Research done by scientists is often used to make a ___________ point or is miss interpreted to support controversial data.
ECONOMIC ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINTS: Also, the __________ dimension of an environmental issue may be oversimpllified.
MEDIA ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINTS: And to complicate matters still, the ______________ often sensationalize environmental issues,
CRITICAL THINKING ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINTS: For these reasons and others you must use your _____ ________ skills when making decisions about invironmental issues.
LISTEN ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINTS: First, be prepared to ________ to many view points over a particular issue.
SOURCE ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINTS: Second, investigate the _________ of the information you encounter.
CONCLUSION ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINTS: Third, gather all the information you can before a________________.
SUSTAINABILITY SUSTAINABILITY: ______________ is the condition in which human needs are met in such away that a human population can survive indefinitly..
KEY SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainability is a ______________ goal of environmental science.
ADVANCES REPLACED SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainable world is not unchanging as technological __________ and human civilization continue to be productive. Developed countries are using resources faster thn they can be removed________________.
GOVERNMENT SUSTAINABILITY :Achieving a susstainable world requires everyone's participation including individual citizens, insustry, and the___________________________.
Created by: asimien907