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quiz 2

Microbiology/ Prokaryotic Cell

Prokaryotic Cell includes Bacteria & Archaea
What distinguishes Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells Cell Walls, membranes, absence & or presences of organelles
Prokaryotic nuclear structure Nucleoid
Cell wall includes peptidoglycan
Prokaryotic cell divides by Binary fissuion
The Bacteria shape Coccus sherical, round, oval
The 5 arrangements of Coccus/Cocci Diplococci, Streptococci, Tetrad, Sarcinae, Staphylococci
Diplococci meaning 2; divided after reproducing
Streptococci meaning chain
Tetrad divide into two planes; grouped as four
Sarcinae divide into three planes; cube-like group of eight
Staphylococci divide into multiple planes and form grape-like clusteres
The Bacteria shape Bacillus Rod shape
The four arrangements of Bacillus Bacillus, Diplobacili, Streptobacilli, Coccobacilli
Bacillus single rod
Diplobacilli meaning 2, one pair
Streptobacilli chain like
Coccobacilli look like cocci but more oval shaped like cigars with tapered ends
The Bacteria shape Spiral have one or more twist
The three arrangements of Spiral Vibrio, Spirilla, Spirochete
Vibrio curved-like rods; boomerang shaped
Spirilla corkscrew shape with rigid body
Spirochetes flexible spiral shape
Glycoalyx is a sticky, sugary, gelatinous material; prevents things from getting in. (made of polysaccharides, polypeptides or both
Glycoalyx location made inside the cell and secreted to the surface of the cell
Flagella Long filamentous appendages that propel bacteria
Peritrichous Flagella around the entire cell
Atrichous Cell without Flagella
Polar At one or both ends of the cell
Polar Types Monotrichous, Amphitrichous, Lophotrichous, Cephaplotrichous
Monotrichous single flagella at one pole/end
Amphitrichous flagella at both poles/end of the cell
Lophotrichous two or more flagella at both ends of the pole
Cephalotrichous two or more flagella at one end/pole
Endoflagella/Axial tightly wrapped bundles of fibrils; spiral shaped; propels the microbe in spiral motion
Endoflagella/Axial made up of three parts Filament, Hook, Basal
Filament long outer region; contain protein
Hook filament attaches to the cell wall
Basal anchors fiagella to the cell wall and plasma membrane
Fimbriae bristle-like; makes things stick; made from protein pili
Pili longer than fimbria; used for motility; transfer DNA from one cell to another
Use of the cell wall protection, shape and structure
Peptidoglycan made up of repeating disacchrides attaches by polypeptides
Disaccharides are made up from monosaccharides NAG & NAM
Gram Stain Positive Red
Gram stain Negative Blue
lysis destruction caused by rupture of the plasma membrane
Gram Positive Cell Walls many layers of thick PG; contain Techoic Acids( alchol and phosphate)
Gram Negative Cell Walls very few layers of PG; porins
Created by: BBaker01