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GI comp anat 2

GI anatomy and path for comps

How long is the second portion of the duodenum? 3-4 inches
How long is the third portion of the duodenum? 2.5 inches
How are the distal portions (jejunum and ileum) of the small intestine divided? jejunum makes up the upper 2/5, ileum makes up the lower 3/5
In what region does the large bowel begin? right iliac
How long is the large intestine? approx. 5 feet
In what layer of the large intestine are the taeniae coli found? muscular
Name the layers of the GI tract from outer to inner fibrous, muscular, submucosal, mucosal
How many taeniae coli are on the large intestine and how are they arranged? 3 – one anterior, two posterior
Where does the vermiform appendix attach? posteromedial side of the cecum
About how long is the appendix? 3 inches
At what vertebral level does the sigmoid colon end and join with the rectum? S3
What are the alternate names for the flexures of the colon? Right colic or hepatic and left colic or splenic
Achlasia failure of smooth muscle relaxation
Diverticulum pouch created by herniation of the mucous membrane through the muscular layer
Diverticulosis diverticulum of the colon without symptoms or inflammation
Ileus failure of bowel peristalsis
Intussusception prolapsed or telescoping of the bowel into adjacent lumen
Stenosis narrowing
Volvulus twisting of a bowel loop on itself
Created by: annaluz87