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Chapter 8: Fungi

Aflatoxin a toxin produced by Aspergillus flavus that is cancer causing in vertebrates
Arthrospore an asexual fungal spore formed by fragmentation of septate hypha
Ascospore a sexually produced fungal spore formed by members of the ascomycetes
Ascus a sac-like structure containing ascospores, formed by the ascomycetes
Basidiospore a sexually produced fungal spore formed by members of the basidiomycetes
Blastospore a fungal spore formed by budding
Budding an asexual process of reproduction in fungi, in which a new cell forms as a swelling at the border of the parent cell and then breaks free to live independently
Cellulose a polysaccharide carbohydrate composed of beta-glucose subunits
Chitin a polymer of acetylglucosamine units that provides rigidity to the cell walls of fungus
Conidium an asexually produced fungal spore formed on a supportive structure without an enclosing sac
Endophyte a fungus that lives within plants and does not cause any known disease
Fruiting body the general name for a reproductive structure of a fungus from which spores are produced
Fungus a member of a large group of eukaryotic organisms that includes the yeasts, molds and mushrooms
Hyphae a microscopic filament of cells representing the vegetative portion of a fungus
Lichen an association between a fungal mycelium and a cyanobacterium or alga
Mushroom a spore-bearing fruiting body typical of many members of the basidiomycetes
Mycelium a mass of fungal filaments from which most fungi are built
Mycology the scientific study of fungi
Mycorrhizae a close association between a fungus and the roots of many plants
Mycosis a fungal infection of animals, including humans
Soredium the disseminated group of fungal and photosynthetic cells formed by a lichen
Sporulation the process of spore formation
Symbiosis an interrelationship between two populations of organisms where there is a close and permanent association
Yeast a type of unicellular, nonfilomentous fungus that resembles bacterial colonies when grown in culture
Zoospore an asexual spore that uses a flagellum for locomotion
Zygospore a sexually produced spore formed by members of the Zygomycota
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