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Human bio

Chapter 1

Anesthesiology pain medicine, drug people for surgery
Cardiovascular heart, blood vasculas, heart attack. blood clots and heart disease.
Dermatology someone who has skin cancer, rashes.
Family practice check out to doctor, cough cold.
Gastroenterology deals with disorders, stomach, and intestines.
Geriatrics blood, cancer constipatient.
Gynecology/Obsterisc reproduction system, pregency.
Internal Medicine prevention, diagnosis, and treatments of adult diseases, cold, flue.
Neonatology Care of newborn infants, ill or premature newborn.
Nephrology physicology and diseases or kidneys.
Neurologist nervous system, diagnosis central and peripheral nervous system diseases, headache.
Oncology Tumors, origion, development, diagnosis, treatment of malignant neoplasms. brain tumor.
Ophthalmology anatomy, physicology, and disease of eyeball, surgical aye disease.
Orthopedics skeletal system, extermities, spine,muscles.
Otorhinolaryngology ear, nose, and throat infections.
Pathology abnormalities, physicological deviations.
Pediatrics diseases of children and babies.
Podiatrist doctor, treat foot, ankle, structure of leg.
Plastic surgery restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of human body.
Pulmonary Relating to the lungs, asthama
Psychiatry mental disorder, abnormalities mood, bbehaviour, congition and perceptions.
Sports medicine athletic nutrition, injuries increasing performances.
Surgery Injuries, disorder of the body by incision.
Urology functions of urinary system.
Region of body
scientific name common name
Cranial head
Orbital eyeball
Facial face
Mandibular region
Cervical neck
Superacalvicular above collar
Cephalic head
Frontal forehead
Otic ear
Buccal cheek
Nasal nose
Oral mouth
Mental chin
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