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SPA2109 week 4

Brain Injury Part Two

what can a lesion in white matter result in? a disconnection syndrome; specific areas can no longer communicate. severe damage usually caused by subcortical strokes.
left hemisphere is knpown for which kind of processing? sequential.
right hemishpere is known for which kind of processing? global.
what are the four resposniblities of the left hemisphere? 1. verbal wm 2. math 3. verbal logic and analysis 4. some aspects of language (langauge and grammer, not semantics or all of pragmatics)
what are the three non-verbal functions of the rightr hemisphere? 1. thought organizations (staying on topic) 2. mental flexibility (following someone's topic change) 3.motivation
what are the three communication functions of the right hemisphere? 1. intonation 2. emotional comprehension and expression (such as facial expression and intonation) 3. many nonverbal cues.
aprosodia inability to comprehend (receptive) and/or produce (expressive) prosody in language.
prosopagnosia inability to recognize faces
what are the five nonverbal/visualspatial impairements of right hemisphere stroke? 1. impairement in comprehendinging and using gestures appropriately. 2. prosopagnosia 3.figure-ground problems 4.recall of visual forms 5.mental roatation (can find a to b but not the way back).
confabulation cant tell whats real what isnt, make up stories to make up for things that they cant rememebr and they dont even realize that their doing it. right hemi stroke.
anosognosia lack of awareness of their own defeciets. part of right hemi stroke.
Created by: pandaxx