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RL - Chpt. 12

World Geography

moor treeless, windy highland areas with damp ground
parliamentary democracy form of government where voters elect representatives to a lawmaking body call Parliament
constitutional monarchy government in which a king or queen
peat plants partly decayed in water which can be dried and used for fuel
bog low swampy lands
polder drained lands that have rich farming soil
mulitnational company firms that do business in several countries
multilingual able to speak several languages
autobon superhighway that link German cities
federal republic national and state governments share power
reunification bringing Germany's two parts under one government
neutrality refusing to take sides in disagreements and wars between countries
continental divide a high place in which rivers flow in different directions
fjord steep-sided valleys that are inlets of the sea
welfare state a country that uses high rates of taxation to provide services to people
heavy industry industry the produces manufactured goods such as machinery
sauna wooden rooms heated by water sizzling on hot stones
geyser springs that shoot hot water and steam into the air
geothermal energy heat produced by natural underground sources
dry farming farming technique in which land is left unplanted every few years so that it can store moisture
sirocco hot dry winds that blow across Italy from North Africa
coalition government government where two or more political parties work together to run the country
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