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7 Unit 1 Voc Review

7th grade unit 1 vocabulary review

chemicals substances that are obtained by a chemical process or produce a chemical effect.
corrosive able to eat away at a substance by a chemical action
dispose to get rid of
evacuate to leave an area and find a place of safety and protection
field a specialized topic, subject or area of study
guidance direction and supervision
hazardous has the potential to cause harm
heat-resistant an object that does not absorb heat quickly, allowing it to be touched without risk of burning
hypothesis an educated guess that can be tested for accuracy
investigate to observe or study by close examination
polyethylene a special type of plastic that is resistant to chemicals and moisture and has good insulating properties; most often used in packaging and insulation
research investigation or experimentation aimed at discovery and interpretation
slippage the act of slipping; may cause a fall
test a critical examination, observation, or evaluation
theory a reasonable principle offered to explain occurrences or circumstances
toxic poisonous material capable of causing death or serious debilitation
vulcanized chemically treated with sulfur and heat, giving a substance useful properties, such as elasticity, strength, and stability
comparative showing similarities and differences between two or more subjects
descriptive observing and recording data and discovering facts
experiment a test, trial, or procedure carried out for the purpose of testing a hypothesis
fact an actual occurrence, truth
accurate free from error
average a value that shows a typical or normal result of an experiment
conclusion a reasoned judgement based on collected data
data actual information (such as measurements or statistics); used as a basis for drawing conclusions
factors parts of an experiment that can affect other parts of the experiment
observation the act of watching and taking note of facts and occurrences; often involves measurements and the five senses
predict to foretell on the basis of observation, experience, or scientific reason
trend a tendency or inclination
variable one factor of the experiment that is changed in order to observe what happens
Created by: Hillerywest