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EMT-I Drug Cards

Texas EMT-I Drug Cards

Xopenex Class: Parasympathomimetic Action: Bronchodilation Indications: Bronchospasms; Moderate to severe allergic reaction Contraindications: Allergy Precaustions: Tachycardia and pregnancy Dose: .3mL nebulizer .6-1.25 mg neb q 6-8h prn
Albuterol Class: Sympathomimetic Action: Bronchodilation Indications: Bronchospasms; Moderate to severe allergic reaction Contraindications: Allergy Precautions: Tachycardia and pregnancy Dosage: 2.5mg/2-3mL of NS or sterile H2O
Atrovent Class: Parasympathomimetic Action: Bronchodilator Indications: Bronchospasms/Constriction/Exacerbated COPD Contraindications: Allergy Precautions: Tachycardia and pregnancy Dosage: 17 micrograms/spray
Aspirin Class: Platelet Aggregate Inhibitor Action: Inhibits binding of platelets Indications: Chest pain Contraindications: Allergy; active ulcers Precautions: Gastritis/GERD; <12 y/o with flu-like symptoms Side Effects: GERD Dosage: 325mg
Activated Charcoal Class: Adsorbent Action: Binds to ingested poisons Indications; Poisonings <30 mins when emesis contraindicated and after calling Poison Control. Contrindications: 1) Caustics/Corrosives/Petroleum Distilates; 2) Altered Mental Status Side Effects:
Ipecac Class: Emetic Action: Vomit Indications: Poisoning of non-corrosives after contacting Poison Control Contra indications: 1) Caustics/Corrosives/Petroleum Distilates; 2) AMS Side Effects: CNS depression, Diarrhea Dosage: 15 mL + 2-3 glasses (8-1
Narcan Class: Narcotic Antagonist Action: Competes for opiate receptors. Increase CNS function Indication: Opiate overdose [Darvoset, fentanyl, Heroin, Codeine] Contrindications: Allergy Side Effects: Withdrawl sympstoms; DTs Precautions: Goal = Incr
D50 Class: Carbohydrate Action: Increase BGL Indications: Hypoglycemia (BGL < 80) Contraindications: None in emergency setting Side effects: +BGL; Tachycardia; n/v/ local tissue necrosis if IV not patent Precautions: Ensure IV site patency Dose:
Oral Glucose Class: Carbohydrate Action: +BGL Indications: Hypoglycemia (BGL <80) Contraindications: Failure to follow simple commands Side Effects: +BGL; Tachycardia; N/V Dose: 12-20g
Thiamine (Vitamin B1) Class: Vitamin Action: Aids neurological tissue in metabolizing sugar Indications: 1.) Chronic alcoholics with -BGL; 2.) Failure to Thrive Contraindications: None Side Effects: None Precautions: None Dose: 100mg IV
Epinephrine (1:1000) Class: Antiarrythmic Action: Stimulates alpha- and beta-adrenergic receptors Indications: Anaphylaxis Contrraindications: Pregnancy, shock, glaucoma Precautions: HTN, Hyperthyroidism Dose: .1-.5mg q 5-15 min PRN up to 1mg/dose
Nitroglycerin Class: Nitrate Action: Vascular smooth muscle relaxant Indications: Chest Pain Contraindications: ICP Precautions: Hypotension Dose: .3-.6mg SL q 5min
Created by: trumpetguy25