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Geraud Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Key Terms

scientific method Procedures used to solve problems and answer questions.
hypothesis Prediction that can be tested.
variable Something in an experiment that can change. Should only test one at a time.
theory An explanation of things or events based on scientific knowledge resulting from many observations and experiments.
law Statement about how things work in nature that seems to be true consistently.
organism any living thing
cell smallest unit of an organism that can carry on life functions.
homeostasis regulation of an organism's internal, life-maintaining conditions.
5 Traits of Living Things Living things are organized, respond, use energy, grow & develop, and reproduce.
Needs of Living Things food, water, living space, air
Source of energy for life on Earth Sun
spontaneous generation idea that living things come from nonliving things.
biogenesis theory that living things come only from other living things.
Francesco Redi Performed an experiment to disprove spontaneous generation using raw meat.
Louis Pasteur Performed an experiment to disprove spontaneous generation using broth in S-necked flasks.
Alexander Oparin Scientist that hypothesized that energy from the Sun, lightning and Earth's heat triggered chemical reactions to form life.
6 Kingdoms of Life animal, plant, fungi, protist, eubacteria, and archeabacteria
binomial nomenclature two-word naming system that gives all organisms their scientific name.
genus first word of the two-word scientific name used to identify a group of similar species.
scientific name genus species name in Latin for a species.
Aristotle Greek philosopher who created a classification system for living things.
Linnaeus' Classification System New system for grouping organisms based on similar structures.
Uses of scientific names Helps avoid mistakes, gives descriptive information, organizes species easily.
dichotomous key A detailed list of identifying characteristics that includes scientific names.
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