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Gr5 Science Unit 1

Grade 5 Science Unit 1

What is it called when we gather information with our senses? observation or investigation
How do we analyze and evaluate scientific explanations? gather data from your experiment
How can we control a variable? example: growing a plant: one in the sun, one in the shade
If you suggest that the size of an insect population depends on the temperature, how long should you conduct observational testing? at least one year
What is one example of how scientists gather information differently than a historian? we do experiments
If you are shaking your presents to guess what is inside, how is that thinking like a scientist? ask a question
Why is it important for scientists to communicate with others? learn from one another
What should you pay attention to when observing data on a chart? the title
Which tool do you use to measure volume? beaker, graduated cylinder, measuring cups
What is always an important part of an experiment? understanding and controlling the variable
What tool should you bring when collecting and analyzing items from the stream? a collecting net
What is the metric unit for measuring mass? grams
What is not part of a scientific investigation? don't write letters about your feelings
When would you want to use repeated observation rather than an experiment? want to observe or count something
If you are inferring that a train was approaching rapidly based on the way the noise from the train sounded, which skill would you use? you're using hearing
What are important factors to observe when reading a table? Title, data, compare, contrast, sharing, communicate
Why would you want to write reports as a scientist? To communicate evidence with other scientists
What should you observe from a beaker filled with water while it's heating up? When something is starting to warm up you see bubbles.
Name some science safety practices. Goggles, lab coat, gloves, masks, first aid kits.
Created by: kstandridge