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OEC Chapter-01

5th Editon OEC Chapter-01

Who is the Founder and Creator of the National Ski Patrol? Charles Minot "Minnie" Dole
What year was the National Ski Patrol created 1938
Any medical care rendered by trained personnel prior to arrival at a hospital, is known as... Prehospital Care
The nondisclosure of personal information except to an authorized person with the need to know, is known as... Confidentiality
Who is the father of Outdoor Emergency Care. Dr. Warren Bowman
a simulated problem that mimics a real-life medical situation, is known as... Scenario
The science/study of morality or behavior that defines what is "good" or "right" Ethics
Laws that protect a person from legal liability when the person volunteers to perform an act to help someone else. Good Samaritan Laws
When the general public has been given a reasonable expectation that an OEC Technician has the ability and duty to provide first-aid services. Doctrine of public reliance
To withdraw one's support or help from, especially in spite of duty, allegiance, or responsibility. Abandonment
The failure to perform a promised act or obligation of due care. Breach of Duty
The failure to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person with similar training would exercise in a similar circumstance. Negligence
A person's legal obligation to provide something to another individual Duty to Act
any trained individual who is first to respond on scene at a medical emergency; renders immediate care to the patient and continues car until care is assumed by a person with higher medical training. Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
The training of National Ski Patrol OEC Technicians as set forth in the OEC course, using this text as a reference. Standard Of Training
The level of care an OEC Technician must render based on OEC Training, local medical protocals, and the requirment of a state's emergency medical system. Standard Of Care
To give permission or approval to something proposed or requested. Consent
Consent given when a competent injured person gives permission to provide first aid treatment and transportation. Expressed Consent
Consent a person gives based upon an appreciation and understanding of the facts, implication, and possible future consequences of an action. Informed Consent
Consent a parent or legal guardian gives for the treatment of a minor because legally the minor is not competent to give consent to medical treatment. Minor Consent
A form of consent that is not expressly granted by a person, but instead is inferred from a person's actions and the facts and circumstances of a particular situation. Implied Consent
placing somebody into a position where he or she reasonably fears that battery will occur. Assault
The act of touching someone without his or her consent Battery
A law that addresses the confidentiality of the electronic transmission of medical records; applies to medical personnel who are compensated for service. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
What is the creed of the National Ski Patrol? Service and Safety
List three groups/organizations other than the National Ski Patrol that may train individuals to OEC Standards River Guides, Bike Patrollers, Law Enforcement personnel, Mountain Guides, Personnel of various government agencies
Explain the significance of the Tenth Mountain Division to the National Ski Patrol the Tenth Mountain Division was a mountain warfare unit in World War-2. The division came into being after Minnie Dole convinced General George C. Marshall of the value of a winter warfare unit.
What are the key principles behind maintaining high ethics? Respect, Do No Harm, Benefit Others, Be Just, Be Faithful
What steps should an OEC Technician take if a skier refuses care? Document the refusal of care and have the skier sign the document. If possible have another OEC on hand to verify the refusal document and discussion. Attach a copy of the refusal document to an accident report that explains the scene of the altercation
What type of consent would be in effect for an unresponsive 14-year-old male snowboarder Implied Consent
What type of consent would be in effect for a 37-year-old skier who requests your help. Expressed Consent
What type of consent would be in effect for a 38-year-old mother who request that you help her 8-year-old son. Minor Consent
Upon successful completion of an OEC course, how long is OEC Technician certification valid? 3-Years
The OEC curriculum is designed to exceed the U.S. DOT's Standards for Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
Leaving a patient without tranferring them to another qualified individual is considered. Abandonment
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