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Using Latin I: XII

beginning Latin

Advena, -ae (m.) Stranger, foreigner
Aedificium, -i (n.) Building
Agmen, -inis (n.) Column, line, army on the march
Apis, apis, -ium (f.) Bee
Arbor, -oris (f.) Tree
Arena, -ae (f.) Sand; Arena
Arx, arcis, -ium (f.) Citadel
Civis, civis, -ium (m. & f.) Citizen
Color, -oris (m.) Color
Corona, -ae (f.) Crown
Dictator, -oris (m.) Dictator
Difficultas, -tatis (f.) Difficulty
Dominus -i (m.) Master
Forum, -i (n.) Forum, market place
Fugitivus, -i (m.) Fugitive
Funda, -ae (f.) Sling
Funditor, -toris (m.) Slinger
Gens, gentis, -ium (f.) Nation
Ignis, ignis, -ium (m.) Fire
Imperator, -oris (m.) General, commander, emperor
Iter, itineris (n.) Road; Journey, march; Route, course
Lapis, lapidis (m.) Stone
Maga, -ae (f.) Enchantress
Moenia, -ium (n. pl.) Walls (of a city), fortifications
Nomen, nominis (n.) Name
Oculus, -i (m.) Eye
Omen, ominis (n.) Omen, sign, portent
Pes, pedis (m.) Foot
Pedibus On foot
Potestas, -tatis (f.) Power, control
Rostrum, -i (n.) Beak
Ruina, -ae (f.) nb-often plural Ruin
Somnus, -i (m.) Sleep
Spectaculum, -i (n.) Spectacle, sight, show, exhibition
Spina, -ae (f.) Thorn
Uxor, uxoris (f.) Wife
Vallum, -i (n.) Rampart, wall
Ignavus, -a, -um Idle; Cowardly (as a noun - Coward)
Necesse Necessary; Inevitable
Adorno, -are, -avi, -atum To adorn, decorate
Lateo, -ere, -ui To lurk, hide, be concealed
Libero, -are, -avi, -atum To set free
Migro, -are, -avi, -atum To migrate, move
Prohibeo, -ere, -hibui, hibitum To prohibit, forbid; To prevent, hinder, keep away
Removeo, -movere, -movi, -motum To remove, withdraw
Terreo, -ere, -ui, -itum To frighten, terrify
Cras Tomorrow
Magnopere Greatly, very much, very
Procul At a distance, far
Vos You (nom. & Acc. pl. of tu)
Created by: Hamilcar