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Latin Adverbs

statim immediately, right away, forthwith
heri yesterday
hodie today
tum then, at that time, next
semper always
bene well
non not
diu for a long time
cras tomorrow
umquam ever, at any time
nunc now, today, at present
cur why, wherefore, for what reason?
sicut as, as if, like, just like
undique on all sides, from all sides, on every side
itaque therefore, accordingly, and so
clam secretly, covertly, privately
saepe often, oftimes, frequently
numquam never
ubi where, when, whenever
lente slowly
turpiter shamefully, disgracefully, repulsively
facile easily, readily, without difficulty
breviter briefly, shortly, quickly
certe certainly, surely, without doubt, really
graviter heavily, seriously, gravely, deeply, violently
difficiliter with difficulty, reluctantly
fideliter faithfully, loyally, accurately, securely, constantly
fortiter bravely, boldly, strongly
longe far, by far, for a long while
aspere roughly, harshly, severely, coarsely
late widely, broadly, far and wide
libere freely, frankly, shamelessly
misere unhappily, wretchedly, miserably
laete happily, joyfully, gladly
alte highly, deeply, loftily, profoundly
multum much, greatly, plenty, very
pulchre beautifully, fine
Created by: Civitas