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Module Two

The type of bathing that involves washing only the face, hands, axillary, back, buttocks, and perineal area is ________________. partial bath
When dressing a patient the __________________side is put into the garment first. weak
The primary cause of decubitus ulcers is _______________________. pressure
Taking food or fluids into the lungs is known as _________________. aspiration
The nails of a _____________________ patient are never trimmed by a nursing assistant. diabetic
The deepest layer of skin is called the _____________________. subcutaneous
The protective mechanism that cools the body due to evaporation is known as________________. sweating
Safety rules require that dentures are carried in a ______________________. denture cup
Cuticles are pushed back with an _________________________. orange stick
A patient is in the bed and is to have their hair shampooed. The nursing assistant will use a _________________________ to wash the patient’s hair. The patient is in what position for this procedure? __________________________. portable basin or shampoo tray, supine
Unconscious oral care must be provided with the patient in what position? ________________________. lateral
Electric razors must be used on patients receiving __________________________ due to the risk of cuts. blood thinners
____________________ is given at the time the patient goes to bed. HS care or PM cares
An ________________ bed is empty. unoccupied
A ____________________bed has linens folded to side of the mattress away from the door. surgical
Call lights must be answered within _______________________. 3-5 minutes
____________________ is allowing the patient to sit on the side of the bed with his/her feet hanging down. dangling
A ______________________ is used to move a heavy patient in bed. turn sheet
______________________ is when the skin sticks to the surface and the muscles and underlying tissue move. shearing
__________________ range of motion is when the staff performs part of the motion for the patient. active assistive
Created by: mstearns