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Language of Science


a or an not or non
meso middle
aero needs oxygen or air
anti against
amphi both, doubly
aqua water
arthro joint
auto self
bi two, twice, double
bio life, living
carne flesh
cephal head
chloro green
chromo color
cide killer, kill, killing
cyto cell
derm skin
di two, double
ecto (exo) outer, external
endo internal
epi above
gastro stomach
hemo blood
hyper above
hypo below
intra within, inside
itis disease, inflammation
lateral side
logy study of
lys break down
meter measurement
mono one, single
morph form
micro small
macro large
multi many
pod foot
phage to eat
phobia dislike, fear
philia like
plasm form
proto first
photo light
poly many
genesis origin, beginning
herba plants
hetero different
homo alike, similar
hydro water
synthesis to make
sub lesser, below
troph eat, consume
therm heat
vore swallow, devour
zoo, zoa animal
hydrology the study of water
cytology the study of cells
protozoa first animal
spermatogenesis beginning of sperm
epidermis above the skin
cytoskeleton cell skeleton
abiotic non-living
dermatitis skin disease
hypodermic below the skin
hemophilia like blood
endocytosis internal cell
insecticide killer of insects
anaerobic not needing oxygen
bilateral two sides
endotherm internal heat
subspecies below species
arthropod jointed foot
micrometer small meter
hypothermia below heat
polymorph many forms
photosynthesis to make from light
amphibios (amphibian) double life
heterotroph consumes others
encephalitis inside head disease
monochrome one color
autolysis self-destroy
herbivore plant eater
homology study of sameness
macrophage big eater
carnivore meat eater
Created by: Mr.McKeehan