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Drug Dose and Route

Drug Dose and Route for EMS Drugs

Activated Charcoal-Actidose, Class- Absorbant 25-50 grams or .5-1 gm/kg
Albuterol-Proventil/Ventolin, Class- Sympathomimetic Bronchodilator Two inhalations (90 mcg) via MDI or 2.5 mg in 3ml NS via nebulizer, repeat as needed every 10 min. Pedi: .15 mg/kg in 3ml ns via nebulizer, repeat as needed.
Atorphine Sulphate-Aptrophine, Class- Parasympatholytic Alive- .5 mg IV push, Dead, Asystole- 1 mg IV push,Slow PEA- 1 mg IV push
Amiodarone-Cordarone, Class- Antidysrythmic Dead (VFIB, PVT) 300 mg IV push, Alive (VFIB, PVT) 150 mg IV push
Aspirin, Class- Analgesic 81 mg, 324 mg total
Calcium Chloride 10%-Calcium Chloride, Class- Electrolyte 2-4 mg/kg IV push
Ipratromim Bromide-Atrovent, Class- Parasympatholytic Bronchodilator .5 mg same as albuterol
Epinephrine 1:1,000-Adrenaline/Epinephrine/EPI Class- Sympathomimetic .3-.5 mg SQ
Epinephrine 1:10,000-Adrenaline/Epinephrine/EPI Class- Sympathomimetic 1 mg IV push every 3-5 minutes, .3-.5 mg IV push for hives, difficulty breathing, <BP
Diazepam-Valuim, Class-Sedative; Hyptnotic; anticonvulsant; benzodiazapine; antianxiety Muscle relaxer- 2-10 mg IV push slow, Stop Seizures- 2 mg per dose
Dextrose 50%-D50W, Class- Carbohydrate 25-50 gm IV push
Diphenhydramine-Benadryl, Class- Antihistamine 25-50 mg IV/IM
Dopamine-Intropin, Class- Sympathomimetic 2-20 mcg/kg/min, (IV piggy back only)
Furosemide-Lasix, Class- Loop Diuretic 40-120 mg slow IV, Pedi: .5-1 mg/kg IV push
Glucogon-Glucogen, Class- Hormone 1 mg IM
Lidocaine-Xylocaine, Class- Antidysrhythmic Dead (VFIB, PVT) 1-1.5 mg/kg IV push, Alive .5-1 mg/kg IV push
Magnesium Sulfate-Magnesium, Class- Electrolyte Eclampsia- 2 gm IV or 2 gm IM, VFIB- 2 gm IV push
Morphine Sulfate-Morphine, Class- Narcotic Analgesic 2-10 mg slow IV push
Naloxone-Narcan, Class- Narcotic Antagonist .4-2 mg IV or IM or ETT, repeat every 3-5 min for desired effect
Nitroglycerine-Nitrostat/Nitrospray, Class- Nitrate .4 mg Sublingual
Nitrous Oxide-Nitronox, Class- General Anesthetic 50% gas and 50% nitrous Oxide mixed
Nor-Epinephrine Bitartrate-Levophed, Class- Sympathomimetic .5-12 mcg/min (piggy back only)
Ondansterone-Zofran, Class- Antiemetic 2-4 mg IV push
Promethazine-Phenergan, Class- Antiemetic 6.5, 12.5, 25 mg, IV port farthest from site, wide open, rectal, IM, pill
Sodium Bi-carbonate, Class- Electorlyte 1 mcg/kg IV push only
Terbutaline-Brethine, Class- Bronchodilator .25 mg SQ repeated in 15 min
Thiamine-Vitamin B1, Class- Vitamin Adult- 50-100 mg IV/IM, Pedi- 10-25 mg IV/IM
Methylprednisolone-Solu-Medrol, Corticosteroid, Anti-inflammatory Asthma/COPD/Anaphylaxis: 125-250 mg IV/IM. Pedi: 1-2 mg/kg IV/IM.
Adenosine-Adenocard, Class- Antidysrhythmic 6mg rapidly IV, then with saline. If ineffective, 12mg in 1 to 2 min, may be repeated.
Digoxin-Lanoxin, Class- Cardiac Glycoside Adult Dose: 0.25-0.5 mg slow IV. Pediatric Dose: 10-50 mcg/kg IV.
Diltiazem-Cardizem, Class- Calcium Channel Blocker Adult Dose: 0.25 mg/kg IV bolus over 2 min; if inadequate response, may repeat in 15 min with 0.35 mg/kg, followed by a continuous infusion of 5-10 mg/hr (max dose: 15 mg/kg for 24 hr).
Midazolam-Versed, Class- Sedative Adult Dose: 1.0-2.5 mg slow IV (usual dose is 5 mg), Pediatric Dose: 0.05-0.20 mg/kg IV, 0.10-0.15 mg/kg IM, 3 mg intranasal.
Succinylcholine-Anectine, Class- Depolarizing Nueromuscular Blocker To facilitate endotracheal intubation; Adult Dose: 1.0-1.5 mg/kg IV/IM, Pediatric Dose: 1.0-2.0 mg/kg IV/IM Onset is .5-1 min IV and 2-3 min IM, duration is 2-3 min IV and 10-30 min IM.
Vasopressin-Pitressin, Class- Hormone-Vasopressor Adult Dose: 40 Units IV (single dose only), Vaso pressin used to control esophegeal varicies dose by IV infusion 0.2-0.4 U/min
Etomidate-Amidate, Class- Hypnotic Adult Dose: 0.1-0.3 mg/kg IV over 15-30 sec. Pediatric Dose: Over 10 yrs, same as adult.
Lorazepam-Ativan, Class- Sedative Most potent of available benzodiazepines. Sedation for cardioversion: 2-4 mg IM, 0.5-2 mg IV. To manage status epilepticus Adult Dose: 2 mg slow IVCan be given rectally if IV cannot be placed.
Oxytocin-Pitosin, Class- Hormone To control postpartum Hemorrahge, Adult dose: 3-10 U IM following delivery of placenta
Fentanyl-Sublimaze, Class- Narcotic Analgesic 25-100 mcg slow IV (over 2-3 min)
Haliperidol-Haldol, Class- Antipsychotic 2-5 mg IM
Labetalol-Normodyne, Class- Beta Blocker 20 mg slow IV with 40-80 mg every 10 minutes as needed up to 300 mg total
Vecuronium-Norcuron, Class- Nondepolarizing Skelatal Muscle Relaxant 0.08-0.10 mg/kg IV
Verapemil-Isopstin, Class- Calcuim Channel Blocker 2.5-5.0 mg slow IV, may repeat at double dose in 15-30 min as needed
Flumazenil-Romazicon, Class- Benzodiazepine Antagonist 0.2 mg IV over 30 seconds, may be repeated up to 1 mg
Created by: robillard.james
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