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science test

invertebrates animals without backbones
learned behavior action that is changed by experience
symmetry arrangement of body parts
species group of organisms that only reproduce with similar organisms
cartilage tough flexible material that helps support and shape body parts
warm blooded animals that can control body temperature
cold blooded animals whose body timperatures stay the same as the surrounding temperatures;
adaptation anything that helps a species live in its environment
instincts behaviors that animals are born with
inherited traits characteristics that an organism passes on to its young
vertebrates animals with backbones
Assymetry of body parts is demonstrated by a sponge
A spider's body has radial symmetry
arthropods do not have backbones
Which is not a structural adaptation building a nest
Camouflage can help an animal mimic other organisms
Which term describes a cold blooded animal with a backbone and dry, scaly skin reptile
An example of a learned behavior is person driving
learned behavior of a parrot saying I love you
instinctual behaviuor of a parrot flying
instinctual behavior of a dog wagging tail
learned behavior of a dop catching a frisbee
learned behavior of a cat go to the bathroom in a litter box
instinctual behavior of a cat Meow
examples of carnivores lion, tiger , bear
examples of herivore deer elephant rabbit
example of onmivore dog bear man
Created by: keel