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Latin 2nd Conj. Verb

Latin 2nd Conjugation Verbs

---EO, ---ERE, ---UI, ---ITUS Principal parts endings 2nd conjugation verbs
teneo tenere tenui tentus to hold, keep, possess, arrest
moneo monere monui monitus to warn, advise, admonish, foretell, remind
sedeo sedere sedi sessus to sit, remain, settle
iubeo iubere iussi iussus to order, command, decree, enact, request
augeo augere auxi auctum to add, increase, enlarge, magnify, honor, exalt, promote
ardeo ardere arsi arsus to burn, be on fire, be ablaze, in be in turmoil/love
appareo apparere apparui apparitus to appear, show up, be visible
doceo docere docui doctus to teach, show, point out
caveo cavere cavi cautus to beware of, guard against, take care that (with ut)
placeo placere placui placitus to please, satisfy
video videre vidi visus to see, to look upon, consider
prohibeo prohibere prohibui prohibitus to prevent, hinder, keep at a distance, forbid
timeo timere timui to fear, be afraid of
fleo flere flevi fletus to cry, weep
rideo ridere risi risus to laugh, smile, laugh at (with dat.), ridicule
taceo tacere tacui tacitus to be silent, to say nothing,
valeo valere valui to be strong, be well, be able, be healthy, be powerful
maneo manere mansi mansus to remain, stay, continue, endure
moveo movere movi motus to move, stir, agitate, affect, provoke, disturb
habeo habere habui habitus to have, hold, consider, think, reason, manage, keep
terreo terrere terrui territus to frighten, scare, terrify, deter
respondeo respondere respondi responsus to respond, answer
debeo debere debui debitus to owe, ought, be indebted/responsible for/obliged
gaudeo gaudere to rejoice, be glad
Created by: Civitas