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Using Latin I: XI

Beginning Latin

Angelus, -i (m.) Angel
Animal, Animalis, -ium (n.) Animal
Avis, avis, -ium (f.) Bird
Bestia, -ae (f.) Beast, animal
Calamitas, -tatis (f.) Disaster, misfortune, calamity
Caput, capitis, (n.) Head
Collis, collis, -ium (m.) Hill
Comes, comitis (m. & f.) Companion
Consul, consulis (m.) Consul
Corpus, corporis (n.) Body
Dux, ducis (m.) Leader
Eques, equitis (m.) Horseman; pl - cavalry
Exemplar, exemplaris, -ium (n.) Example, copy, likeness
Figura,-ae (f.) Figure
Flumen, fluminis (n.) River
Frater, fratris (m.) Brother
Genus, generis (n.) Kind, sort
Homo, hominis (m.) Man, human being
Hostis, hostis, -ium (m.) Enemy (a public enemy); pl - the enemy
Insigne, insignis, -ium (n.) Decoration, badge
Legio, legionis (f.) Legion
Lex, legis (f.) Law
Liberi, -orum (m. pl.) Children
Lumen, -inis (n.) Light
Lyra, -ae (f.) Lyre
Lux, lucis (f.) Light
Prima lux Daybreak
Magister, -tri (m.) Master, teacher
Mare, maris, -ium (n.) Sea, ocean
Mater, matris (f.) Mother
Mercator, -oris (m.) Trader, merchant
Miles, militis (m.) Soldier
Mons, montis, -ium (m.) Mountain
Navis, navis, -ium (f.) Ship, boat
Nox, noctis, -ium (f.) Night
Nubes, nubis, -ium (f.) Cloud
Pater, patris (m.) Father
Pax, pacis (f.) Peace
Princeps, principis (m.) Chief, prince, leader
Regio, -onis (f.) Region, district
Rex, regis (m.) King
Salus, salutis (f.) Safety
Salutem dicit Gives greetings, greets
Signum, -i (n.) Sign, mark, standard, signal; Seal
Spelunca, -ae (f.) Cave, den
Timor, -oris (m.) Fear
Toga, -ae (f.) Toga
Urbs, urbis, -ium (f.) City
Vox, vocis (f.) Voice, word
Medius, -a, -um Middle, middle of
Pauci, -ae, -a Few, a few
Summus, -a, -um Highest, greatest, utmost; highest part of
Adoro, -are, -avi, -atum To worship
Appropinquo, -are, -avi, -atum To approach, draw near
Sedeo, -ere, sedi, sessum To sit, be seated, settle, settle down
Etiam Even, also
Facile Easily
Sic Thus, so
Si If
Created by: Hamilcar