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Latin 1st Conj. Verb

Latin 1st Conjugation Verbs

----O, ----ARE, ----AVI, ----ATUS Principal parts endings 1st conjugation verbs
amo amare amavi amatus to love, like
specto spectare spectavi spectatus to look at, observe, watch
paro parare paravi paratus to prepare
servo servare servavi servatus to guard, keep, protect
supero superare superavi superatus to overcome, conquer, surpass
nego negare negavi negatus to deny, refuse
dubito dubitare dubitavi dubitatus to doubt, to hesitate over, to be uncertain
judico judicare judicavi judicatus to judge, consider, decide
tempto temptare temptavi temptatus to tempt, try, test, prove
pugno pugnare pugnavi pugnatus to fight, dispute
navigo navigare navigavi navigatus to sail, navigate
do dare dedi datus to give, allow, dedicate, devote, grant/bestow
opto optare optavi optatus to desire, wish, choose, select
spero sperare speravi speratus to hope, hope for, look forward to
iuvo, iuvare iuvi iutus to help, aid, assist, favor, serve, please
nato natare natavi natatus to swim, float
exploro, explorare exploravi exploratus to explore, investigate, reconnoiter
adoro adorare adoravi adoratus to honor, adore, worship, pay homage, revere
vulnero vulnerare vulneravi vulneratus to wound, injure, harm, damage
porto portare portavi portatus to carry, bring, bear
culpo culpare culpavi culpatus to blame, find fault, censure, reproach, reprove
rogo rogare rogavi rogatus to ask, ask for, beseech, pray for; introduce
creo creare creavi creatus to create, bring about, cause to grow; elect, appoint, invest, produce/bear fruit
delecto delectare delectavi delectatus to delight, please, charm, lure, entice, amuse, fascinate
oro orare oravi oratus to speak, beg, ask for, pray, beseech, plead, entreat; worship, adore
sto stare steti status to stand, remain, rest
demonstro demonstrare demonstravi demonstratus to explain/describe/show, give an account of, point out/at/to, draw attention to
laboro laborare laboravi laboratus to work, labor, produce; be troubled/sick/oppressed, be in distress
appello appellare appellavi appellatus to address, call, name; accuse, bring to court
narro narrare narravi narratus to tell, relate, narrate, recount, describe
laudo laudare laudavi laudatus to praise, approve, extol, recommend
oppugno oppugnare oppugnavi oppugnatus to attack, assault, storm, besiege
lavo lavare lavi lautus to wash, soak, bathe
libero liberare liberavi liberatus to free, set free, to deliver from, acquit, absolve, liberate, release, manumit
voco vocare vocavi vocatus to call, name, summon
erro errare erravi erratus to err, make a mistake; wander, go astray
accuso accusare accusavi accusatus to accuse, blame, find fault, impugn; charge
celo celare celavi celatus to hide, conceal, keep secret; disguise, keep in dark
perturbo perturbare perturbavi perturbatus to disturb, perturb, alarm, confuse
exspecto exspectare exspectavi exspectatus to wait for, expect, anticipate, hope for
occupo occupare occupavi occupatus to seize, capture, occupy, attack, gain
nuntio nuntiare nuntiavi nuntiatus to announce/report/bring word/give warning/ convey/deliver/relate
muto mutare mutavi mutatus to change, change, shift, alter, modify, substitute
aro arare aravi aratus to plow, till, cultivate
volo volare volavi volatus to fly
clamo clamare clamavi clamatus to shout, cry out, proclaim, declare
saluto salutare salutavi salutatus to greet, salute, hail
puto putare putavi putatus to think, reckon, estimate, value, believe, suppose
ambulo ambulare ambulavi ambulatus to walk
habito habitare habitavi habitatus to live in, dwell, inhabit, stay
Created by: Civitas