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Element Comp Mixture

Is a substance an element, compound, or mixture

Whole milk (straight from the cow) mixture
Paper compound
Paint mixture
Concrete mixture
Dirt mixture
Cookies mixture
Sand compound
Wood compound
orange juice mixture
bottle of soda mixture
salad dressing mixture
alcohol compound
glass compound
CO2 (carbon dioxide) compound
NaCl (sodium chloride - table salt) compound
pure water compound
PVC (polyvinyl chloride) compound
Vinegar compound
Air mixture
iced tea mixture
cola mixture
brass mixture
steel mixture
rubbing alcohol compound
ammonia (NH4) cleaner compound
carbon dioxide compound
salt water mixture (solution)
oxygen element
chocolate milk mixture
white milk mixture
coffee mixture (solution)
baking soda compound
dirty snow mixture
chex mix mixture
calcium element
table salt compound
gravel mixture
Nitrogen element
Lucky charms cereal mixture
barbeque sauce mixture
kool-aid mixture (solution)
air mixture
pure substance consisting entirely of one type of atom Element
Sugar Compound
Salad Mixture
Helium Element
Neon Element
Soup Mixture
Flour Mixture
Baking Soda Compound
Hydrogen Element
Hydrogen Peroxide Compound
Potassium Element
Silver Element
Iron Element
Iron Oxide Compound
Salad Dressing Mixture
Lemon Water Mixture
Chocolate Milk Mixture
composed of two or more elements not chemically combined mixture
a pure substance that contains two or more kinds of atoms compound
cannot be separated into simpler materials by chemical reaction element
carbon element
are mostly metals elements
table salt compound
bronze mixture
dry ice compound
Hg element
Lead element
Uranium element
Oxygen element
FeO compound
Ag element
Vinegar compound
Water compound
Carbon element
Sugar compound
C₂H₄O₂ compound
NaCl compound
Phosphorus element
silicon dioxide compound
CO₂ compound
Na element
baking soda compound
Created by: PRO Teacher lit123