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Fungi and friends

Micro: Fungi, protazoa, helminths

Cave spelunking, causes pneumonia Histoplasmosis
Broad based buds Blastomycosis
Captain wheel formation fungus Paracoccidiodomycosis
Spherule w/ endospores (no yeast form) Coccidiodomycosis
Skin and bone dissemination of fungus Blastomycosis
Intracellular fungal growth (inside macrophages) Histoplasmosis
Dimorphic fungal forms in cold? in heat? cold = mold heat = yeast (except coccidiodomyc->spherule)
San Joaquin valley, SW united states coccidiodomycosis
Latin America fungus Paracoccidiodomycosis
Cutaneous fungal infxn, "spaghetti n meatballs" on KOH prep Tinea versacolor (caused by Malassezia furfur)
What 3 fungi cause tinea pedis/cruris/corporis/captis? Microsporum, Trichophyton, Epidermophyton MOLD FORMS ONLY...don't form yeast!
V shaped septate hyphae Aspergillus (A<-->V)
Narrow based unequal budding Cryptococcus neoformans
Pseudohyphae + Germ tubes of Candida are at what temps? Pseudohyphae= 20C Germ Tubes= 37C (body temp)
L shaped hyphae Mucor/Rhizopus species
Allergic bronchopulmonary reactions after inhalation of what fungus? Aspergillus
Candida Tx nystatin topically Amphotericin B systemically
Fungal dz commonly found in diebatic ketoacidosis and leukemics Mucro/Rhizopus (Mucormycosis-->L shaped hyphae)
Indian Ink/Latex agglutination used for? Cryptococcus
Soap bubble lesion in brain cryptococcus
Pneumocystic jirovecii causes what kind of pneumonia (PCP) diffuse interstitial pneumonia, bilateral on CXR
ascending lymphangitis w/ ulcer at site of entry Sporothrix (rose gardeners dz)
Stain for PCP methenamine silver stain
Tx for PCP TMP-SMX (even though this is a fungal infxn), pentamidine, dapsone
bloating, flatulence, foul smelling diarrhea (esp in hikers/campers) Giardia lamblia
Giardia mode of transmission (MOT) cyst in water
foul smelling green discharge from Vagina Trichomonas
Dilated cardiomyopathy is due to which protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi
MOT of Trypanosoma cruzi Reduviid bug (kissing bug)
Tsetse fly transmits what protozoan Trypnosoma gambiense/rhodesiense (African sleeping sickness)
pancytopenia, splenomegaly, enlarged LNs. what is the dz and causative protozoan? kala azar due to Leishmania donovani (sandfly transmission)
Most severe type of malaria? P falciparum (cerebral malaria)
Which type of malaria infects liver causing relapsing fever P vivax, P ovale
Drug for RBC malarial infection? Drug for Liver infection? RBC= Chloroquine Liver= Primaquine (will get rid of relapsing fevers)
Anal pruritis (scotch tape test) Enterobius vermicularis
visible eggs in feces Ascaris lumbricoides (giant roundworms)
undercooked pork-->muscle inflammation Trichenella spiralis
LARVAE penetrate feet, infxn in intestines, cause anemia Ancylostoma, Necator (hookworms)
Treatment for Ancylostoma/Necator Mebendazole (treat bendy worms with meBENDazole)
River blindness w/ lizard skin Onchocerca volvulus
Worm crawling in conjunctiva Loa Loa
Elephantiasis Wuchereria bancrofti
Tinea soleum (pork): difference between larvae ingestion and egg ingestion Larvae= intestinal tapeworms Egg= cysticercosis + neurocysticercosis (swiss cheese appearance of brain, seizures)
B12 deficiency caused by which helminth? Diphyllobothrium (undercooked freshwater fish) leads to anemia
Necator/Ancylostoma larvae enter skin at what location feet
Echinococcus mode of transmissionn eggs in dog feces
Hydatid cyst in liver caused by? Echinococcus
What happens in hydatid cyst ruptures in liver? anaphylactic shock
Ixodes tick transmits which protozoan Babesia
Maltese cross in RBC Babesia (Ixodes tick)
Sever diarrhea in AIDS cryptosporidium (Acid fast stain) [different from cryptococcus!!!<--thats a fungus)
Brain abscess in HIV Toxoplasmosis
Ring enhancing brain lesions in new borns Toxoplasmosis (TOrches)
Dystenery, liver abscess, RUQ pain RBCs inside of trophozoite Entameba histolytica (Amebiasis)
Cyst w/ 4 nuclei Entameba histolytica
Swimmer in lake acquires fatal meningoencephalitis Naegleria fowleri (enter through nose, enter CSF)
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