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Module One

Resident Rights

Information A person has the right to information. This includes all of their medical records, contracts, incident reports and financial information. They are able to request this information verbally or written. Why would this be important to you?
Refuse Treatment A person has the right to refuse treatment. If a person refuses any part of their care what would you do as a CNA? What is your responsibility?
Privacy and Confidentiality A person has the right to privacy. Privacy must be provided to a person at all times. Privacy includes personal, mail, phone and visits as well as information on the person. Would this be an important right to you?
Personal Choice A person has the right to make their own choices regarding care, treatment, activities of daily living, and events. How would this right affect you?
Grievances A person has a right to make a complaint or concern. Our freedom of speech without punishment is important to us all.
Work A person is not to work for care, amenities or services. The person does have the right to work if they choose too. They can volunteer or work for payment.
Taking Part in Groups A person is allowed to form or take part in groups to do activities, discuss concerns. They also have the right to take part in cultural, religious or community events.
Personal items A person has the right to keep personal items. All items are to be treated with care.
Freedom From Abuse, Mistreatment, and Neglect A person has the right to be free from any physical, sexual, verbal or mental abuse.
Freedom From Restraint A person has the right not to be restricted with any body movements.
Quality of Life A person has the right to be cared for that is with dignity and respect.
Created by: mstearns