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Personal care

Benefits of daily personal care *cleans the body *Promotes comfort *Enhances circulation *Improves self image *Elimnates body odors
Factors that influence a PTA attitude toward personal care Cultural/personal practices of pt. Image and status Physcial ability to preform hygiene (pt may have been sick for a long time)
Early morning care basic hygiene, hand washing/face washing. Offering bedpan ect Assisting with oral care. Usually done by night shift.
AM care (after breakfast care) *Bed pan urinal. *Assisting with bath, oral, hair,and nail care, and shave. *Straightening or replacing bed linens. *Changing gown or PJs *Offer back rub
Afternoon care *wash hands and face *Assist with oral care *Offer bedpan/urinal *Strighten bed linens
He care *changing solid linens. *Oral care. *Offer bed pan
Nevus (normal) *Mole, birthmark *Most often dark brown, maybe blue or black
Cherry angiomas (normal) *small slightly raised bright red dots. (Looks like little red moles)
Seborrheic keratosis (normal) *raised thicken areas that look great or stuck on. *Do not pick off
Lentigines (normal) Commonly known as age spots
Skin tags (normal) *Over growth of normal skin. Poloyp like
Erythema (abnormal) *Areas of increased redness,also increased warmth and pain *Infection of inflammation
Contusion/ecchymosis Brusing
Pustule *elevated cavity under the skin, containing pus.
Edema *swelling, abnormal fluid accumulation. *Putting ademea (+1-+4, how long it stays pitted)
Petechiae *tiny pin point hemmorages (bleeding). *Less then 2mm in size. * May indicate abnormal clotting abilite.
Created by: Sbruner