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Reading Vocab Review

Reading Mastery Vocabulary Review

route the different ways you can take to get from place to place
restless when you don't want to keep doing what you are doing
equator the line that goes around the fattest part of the earth
scientists highly trained people who study things about the world
ignore when you don't pay attention to something or pretend it's not there
ordinary things that you see all the time and are not new to you
volcano a mountain made of hot flowing rock that comes from inside the earth
exhibit when things are set up and arranged for people to see
rim the thin top edge of something
automatically something you do without thinking about it
arranged to put things exactly the way you want them
inventing when a person makes and object for the very first time
inventor a person who makes an object for the very first time
invention an object that has been made for the very first time
repeated when you do or say something again and again
careless the opposite of careful
actually another word for really
immediately happening right now
attracted when you really like or are interested in something
exploded when something makes a loud noise and blows apart
displayed another word for showed
mysterious something that you do not understand or is hard to explain
impressed when you think something is very good
vocabulary all the words a person knows
Created by: Mrs.Scott