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Skill 1-2

Washing hands using soap

Step 1 Gather the necessary supplies. Stand in front of the sink. Do not allow your clothing to touch the sink during the washing procedure
Step 2 Remove jewelry, if possible, and secure in a safe place. A plain wedding band may remain in place.
Step 3 Turn on water and adjust force (Figure 2). Regulate the temperature until the water is warm.
Step 4 Wet the hands and wrist area. Keep hands lower than elbows to allow water to flow toward fingertips (Figure 3).
Step 5 Use about 1 teaspoon liquid soap from dispenser or rinse bar of soap and lather thoroughly (Figure 4). Cover all areas of hands with the soap product. Rinse soap bar again and return to soap rack without touching the rack.
Step 6 With firm rubbing and circular motions, wash the palms and backs of the hands, each finger, the areas between the fingers and the knuckles, wrists, and forearms.
Step 6 continued Wash at least 1 inch above area of contamination. If hands are not visibly soiled, wash to 1 inch above the wrists
Step 7 Continue this friction motion for at least 20 seconds.
Step 8 Use fingernails of the opposite hand or a clean orangewood stick to clean under fingernails
Step 9 Rinse thoroughly with water flowing toward fingertips
Step 10 Pat hands dry with a paper towel, beginning with the fingers and moving upward toward forearms, and discard it immediately. Use another clean towel to turn off the faucet. Discard towel immediately without touching other clean hand.
Step 11 Use oil-free lotion on hands, if desired.
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