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When do you eliminate the given sentence as the correct choice? You should eliminate the given sentence, only if you can point out a mistake with it. Else keep it in the running
"Dated as being 3.47 years old" vs "Dated at 3.47 years old" "Dated as being 3.47 years old" is incorrect; "Dated at 3.47 years" is correct
"Moving infrequently enough that" vs "Moving so infrequently that" "Moving infrequently enough that" is wrong; "Moving so infrequently that" is correct
When 'Like' is used for comparison in a sentence what should you look out for? Like is a preposition, it should always be followed by a noun. The noun could be a pronoun or a noun phrase. Never put a clause after 'like'. Unlike follows the same rule
When 'As' is used for comparison in a sentence what should you look out for? As can be preposition or a conjunction. So it can be followed by a noun or a clause (it has a working verb). In the structure as...as, an adjective or adverb should follow the first 'as'. GMAT treats 'as' conjunction and uses 'like' for noun phrases
Comparisons should be parallel in what ways? They should parallel in logic as well as in grammatical structure
Comparative forms Vs superlative forms Comparative forms (eg longer) are used to compare two entities and always use 'than' in the comparison. Superlative compares more than two entities
3 times as old as Vs 3 times older than? 3 times as old as
3 years older than Vs 3 years as old as? 3 years older than
Use of more or less? The use of 'more' and 'less' often creates ambiguity in sentences since they can mistakenly modify the wrong noun, verb, adjective, or adverb. Pay attention when they occur
How is idiom 'restrict to' used? What follows after 'restrict to' are the entities that whom the restriction applies.
Verbs ending in 's' are singular or plural? Singular. Example - its, sinks, rubs etc
Can a comma appear before an infinitive? No. There should be no comma before 'to'
Between 2001 and 2004 vs From 2001 to 2004? From 2001 to 2004
When you encounter possessives in a sentence, what should you check for? Check for pronoun errors, particularly if antecedents are present
Two independent clauses can be connected by a comma? No. That will create a run-on sentence. They should be connected by semi-colon,"and", or "but"
GMAT prefers gerund over infinitive? Yes. "Having more than the.." is preferred over "To have more than the..."
"Compare to" vs "Compare with" When describing the similarities between unlike things,the idiom “compare to” is used. When describing the differences between like things, the idiom “compare with” is used.Differences between tropical cyclone systems and tropical cyclone systems.
Identify the error:The murder was an expressing oflongstanding tensions. This question is about parallelism. Concrete nouns (murder)and simple gerunds (expressing) cannot be made parallel.Correct: The murder was an expression of longstandingtensions.
Identify the errors:If my mother did not attend the LondonSchool of Economics, she might not meet myfather, and I might not have been here now. One correction: If my mother had not attended the London School ofEconomics, she might not have met my father, and I might not be herenow.
Identify the errors:The committee told each of the disqualifiedcandidates that their official policiesprevented them from hiring them. One correction: The committee told each of the disqualifiedcandidates that its official policies prevented it from hiring him orher.
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