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Laser doppler

What are the capabilities of laser doppler? 1.Determine healing potential of wound/ulcer and amputation level 2. Used in presence of calcific arteries and edema 3. Evaluate pedal artery flow in diabetics 4. Beneficial in angiosome-guided testing
What does SPP stand for? Skin perfusion pressure
What do photons do? Scatter random directions by both cell types
What does laser doppler used to assess? Characteristics of microvascular blood volume in capillary beds of the skin
What type of waves does laser doppler use?
What are the 2 types of cells use by photons? Red blood cells Station at cells
What are Photons? Light energy
What does a photodetector? Converts optical signal into electrical signal that processes it to determine microvascular blood vokume
Pulse volume recording Volume pulse recording
What does SPP stand for? Skin Perfusion Pressure
What is the prep for SPP? Obtain brachial pressure. Wipe site with alcohol prep. Place cuff and doppler.
What is the likely and marginal healing pressures for skin perfusion? >40 mmhg likely to heal 30-40 mmhg marginally to heal
What is the technique for laser doppler? 1. Pulse volume waveforms rec. 2. Skin perfusion pressure mode & cuff inflates 100mmhg 3. Pressure held 10 sec, watch volume drop to 0.1% 4. If no drop, increase to 20 mmhg 5.repeat til volume drops 6. SPP obtained and Slow deflate 10mmhg every 5 sec
How do you obtain a patient's SPP? 1.Tech sees steady baseline 2.followed by doubling/more of graphs pressure scale 3.patients actual pressure,confirmed by increasing size change of bars on scale during deflation
What are the abnormal pressure for skin perfusion? Dampened or diminished waveforms SPP of <30mmhg less likely to heal
Created by: krwcaw01