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Using Latin I: X

Beginning Latin

Campus, -i (m.) Plain, field, open country
Cerva, -ae (f.) Deer
Cervus, -i (m.) Stag
Clangor, -oris (m.) Noise
Gloria, -ae (f.) Fame, glory
Initium, -i (n.) Beginning (noun)
Porta, -ae (f.) Gate, door
Ripa, -ae (f.) Bank of a stream
Verbum, -i (n.) Word
Audeo, -ere, - To dare
Circumspecto, -are, -avi, -atum To look around, look around at
Deleo, -ere, -evi, -etum To destroy, blot out
Excito, -are, -avi, -atum To stir up, rouse, excite, alarm
Moveo, -ere, movi, motum To move
Nato, -are, -avi, -atum To swim, float
Respondeo, -ere, -spondi, -sponsum To answer, reply
Rogo, -are, -avi, -atum To ask
Saluto, -are, -avi, -atum To greet
Armatus, -a, -um Armed
Armati, -orum (m.) Armed men
Decem Ten
Durus, -a, -um Hard, difficult; Harsh
Ferus, -a, -um Fierce, wild
Inimicus, -a, -um Unfriendly
Inimicus, -i (m.) Personal enemy
Perfidus, -a, -um Treacherous; Without faith
Sacer, -cra, -crum Sacred, holy
Stultus, -a, -um Foolish, stupid
Suus, -a, -um His, her, it, there (reflexive)
Totus, -a, -um Whole, all
Verus, -a, -um True
Vester, -stra, -strum Your, yours (of more than one person)
Dum While, as long as
Postquam After (conj.)
Heri Yesterday
Igitur Therefore
Mane In the morning
Paene Almost
Undique On all sides, from all sides
Vehementer Violently, strongly, earnestly, very much
Created by: Hamilcar