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Greek Root Words Pt2

Greek Root Words: Bases

aco(u)- to hear
acr- highest, the extremities
actin- ray, radiating structure
acu- to hear
aden- gland
aesthe- to feel, perceive
agog(ue)- to lead
agon- struggle, contest
alg- pain
all- other
andr- man, male
angel- messenger, message
angi- vessel
anth- flower
anthrop- human being
archa(e)-, arche- ancient, primitive, beginning
arthr- joint, speech sound, articulation
asce- to exercise
ast(e)r- star
aut- self
ball- to throw, put
bar- weight, pressure
bi- life
bibli- book
blast- bud, formative substance
ble- to throw, put
bol- to throw, put
brachy- short
brady- slow
bucol- cowherd
cac- bad
cal(l)- beauty
canon- a rule
cardi- heart
carp- fruit
cau(s)- to burn
centr- center
cephal- head
ch(e)ir- hand
chlor- green, yellowish-green, chlorine
chol(e)- bile, gall
chondr- cartilage
chore- dance
chrom(at)- color
chron- time
cine- to move
cla- to break
clys- to wash
cocc(us)- berry, seed, spherical bacterium
cosm- universe, order
cra- to mix
cri- to judge, decide, separate
cryph-, crypt- hidden, secret
cyan- dark blue
cycl- circle, wheel
cyn(os)- dog
cyst- bladder, sac
cyt- cell
dactyl- digit, finger, toe
d(a)emon- spirit, evil spirit
dec(a)- ten
dem- people
dendr- tree, treelike structure
derm(at)- skin
deeuter- second
di- twice, double
dich- in two
didac- to teach
dipl- twice, double
do- to give
dog- opinion, teaching
dolich- long
dox- opinion, teaching
drom- a running, a course
dyn(am)- force, power
ego- I
em- blood
enter- intestine
er(ot)- love
erg- work
erythr- red
esthe- to feel, perceive
ethn- race, cultural group
eury(s)- wide, broad
gam- marriage
gastr- stomach
ge- earth
gen(e)- kind, race
ger(ont)- old age, old people
gloss-, glot(t)- tongue, language
glyph- to carve
gno(s)- to know
gon- generative, reproductive, sexual
gon- angle, angled figure
gon- to produce, originate
gymn- naked
gyn(e)-, gyn(a)ec- woman, female
haem(at)- blood
hect- a hundred
hedon- pleasure
hegemon- leader
heli- sun
hem(at)- blood
hemer- day
hemi- half
hepat- liver
hept(a)- seven
heter- other, different
hex(a)- six
hier- sacred
hipp- horse
hist(i)- tissue
hod- way, road
hol- whole
hom(e)- same
hydr- water
hygr- wet, moist
hyster- uterus, hysteria
iatr- physician, medicine
ichthy- fish
icon- image
ide- thought, idea
idi- one's own, peculiar
is- equal
kal(l)- beauty
kilo- one thousand
kine- to move
lab- to take, seize
lat(e)r- to worship excessively
lect- to speak, choose
lem-, lep- to take, seize
leuc-, leuk- white
lip- fat
lite- stone
lith- stone
log(ue)- speech, word, reasoning
ly- to loosen
macr- large, long
manc-, mant- to divine by means of
mast-, maz- breast
mega(l)- large, a million
melan- black, dark
mening- membrane
mer- part
mes- middle
micr- small, one millionth part of
mim- to imitate
mis- hatred
mne- to remember
mon- one, single
morph- form, shape
my(s)- muscle
myc(et)- fungus, mold
myel- bone marrow, the spinal cord
myos- muscle
naut- sailor
ne- new, new and different form of
necr- the dead, corpse, dead tissue
nephr- kidney
nes- island
neur- nerve
oct(a)- eight
od- song, poem
od- way, road
odont- tooth
olig- few
onym- name, word
oo- egg
opthalm- eye
op(t)- eye, to see
ora- to see
ornis-,ornith- bird
orth- straight, correct
ost(e)- bone
ot- ear
paed- child
pal(a)e- old
pan(t)- all, every
pate- to walk
path- to feel, suffer; disease
patr- father
patri- family, clan
ped- child
pedia- education
pent(a)- five
pep(t)- to digest
petr- rock
pha- to speak
phag- to eat
pha(n)- to show, appear
phe(m)- to speak
pher- to bear, go
phil- to love
phleb- vein
phon- sound, voice
phor- to bear, go
phot- light
phra- to speak
phren- mind, diaphragm
phy- to grow
phyll- leaf
physi- nature
plas(t)- to form
platy- flat, broad
pleg- paralysis
plex- paralytic stroke
pod- foot
polem- war
pol(is)- city, state
poly- many, much
prot- first, original, primitive
pseud- false
psych- mind
pter(yx)- wing, fin
py- pus
pyr- fire
r(r)hin- nose
schis-, schiz- to split
scler- hard
som(at)- body
soph- wise
sta- to stand, stop
stal- to send, draw
sten- narrow
stere- solid, three-dimensional
sthen- strength
stle- to send, draw
stol- to send, draw
stom(at)- mouth
stroph- to turn
tach(y)- swift, speed
tact- to arrange, put in order
taph- tomb
taut- the same
tax- to arrange, put in order
techn- art, skill, craft
tele- afar, operating at a distance
tetr(a)- four
thanas-, thanat- death
the- to place, put
the- god
thec(a)- case
therm- heat
thromb- clot
thym- mind, strong feeling
tom- to cut
ton(us)- a stretching, tension
top- place
tox- poison
tri- three
trop- to turn
troph- to nourish, grow
typ- stamp, model
ur- urine
ur- tail
urg- work
xanth- yellow
xen- stranger, foreigner
xyl- wood
zo- animal
Created by: Carpe Diem
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