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Greek Root Words Pt1

Greek Root Words: Suffixes and Prefixes

a-, an- not, without
amphi- both, on both sides of, around
ana-, an- up, back, again
anti-, ant- against, opposite
apo-, ap- from, off
cata-, cat- down, against, very
dia-, di- through, across, between
dys- bad, disordered, difficult
ec- out, out of
ecto- outside, external
en-, em-, el- in, into
endo-, ento-, end-, ent- within
epi-, ep- upon, to, in addition to
eu-, ev- good, well
ex- out, out of
exo- outside, external
hyper- over, excessive
hypo-, hyp- below, less than normal
meta-, met- after, changed
para-, par- beside, disordered
peri- around, near
pro- before, in front of
pros- toward, in addition to
syn-, sym-, -syl- with together
sy-, sys- with together
-ac pertaining to
-al pertaining to, like, belonging to
-an, -ian pertaining to, like, one concerned with
-arch one who rules
-archy rule by
-arion little
-arium little
-ast one who does
-cracy rule by
-crat one who advocates or practices by rule
-ectomy surgical removal of
-emia condition of the blood
-gram thing written
-graph writing
-graphy writing
-hedron solid figure
-ia quality of
-iasis diseased condition
-ic pertaining to
-ician specialist in
-ics art, science, study of
-idium little
-in chemical substance
-ine chemical substance
-ion little
-iscus little
-isk little
-ism belief in
-ist one who believes in
-ite one connected with
-itis inflammation of
-ium little
-ium part
-ize (verbal suffix)
-logy science of
-m result of
-ma result of
-mania madness about, passion
-maniac one having a madness or passion for
-mat result of
-me result
-meter measure
-nomy science of
-oid like
-oma tumor
-osis diseased condition of
-ous, -ious full of, pertaining to, like
-path one who suffers from a disease of
-pathy disease of
-phobe one who fears or hates
-phobia abnormal fear or hatred of
-ploid -fold
-rrhea, -rrhoea abnormal discharge
-scope instrument for viewing
-se act of
-sia act of
-sis act of
-st one who does
-sy act of
-t he who
-te he who
-therapy treatment of or by
-tic pertaining to
-tics art, science, study of
-tomy surgical operation on
-y quality of
Created by: Carpe Diem



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