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Latin Root Words Pt2

Latin Root Words: Bases

ab- to have, hold as customary
ac(u)-, acr-, acet- sharp, bitter
act- to do, drive
ag- to do, drive
al-, alt- to nourish, grow tall
alien- of another
am- to love
anim- mind, feeling, life
ann(u)- year
aqu(a)- water
art- art, skill
aud- to hear
bene- well, good
bi-, bin- two, twice
bon- well, good
cad- to fall, befall
cant- to sing
cap-, capt- to take, seize
capit- head
carn- flesh
cas- to fall, befall
ced- to go, yield
ceiv- to take, seize
cent- hundred
cept- to sing
cern-, cert- to separate, distinguish
cess- to go, yield
chant- to sing
cid- to fall, befall
cid- to kill, cut
cip- to take, seize
cipit- head
cis- to kill, cut
claim- to cry out
clam- to cry out
clos- to shut
clud-, clus- to shut
cog- to think, reflect, consider
cord- heart
cor(s)- to run, go
corpor-, corp(us)- body
cours- to run, go
cre- to grow
cred- to believe, trust
cresc-, cret- to grow
cret- to separate, distinguish
cruc- cross
cub- to lie down
cumb- to lie down
cur- cure, care
cur(r)-, curs- to run, go
de- god
deci(m)- tenth
dic-, dict- to say
div- god
doc-, doct- to teach
dom(in)- house, master
du- two
duc-, duct- to lead
dur- hard, to last
enni- year
equ- equal, even
err- to wander
fa(b)- to speak
fac-, fact- to do, make
fail- to deceive
fall-, fals- to deceive
fam-, fat- to speak
fault- to deceive
feas-, feat-, fect- to do, make
feder- treaty, league
fer- to bear, carry
ferv- to boil, bubble
fess- to speak
fic- to do, make
fid- faith
fidel- faithful
fin- end, limit
firm- firm, strong
flag(r)-, flam(m)- to burn; flame
flat- to blow
flect-, flex- to bend
flor- flower
flu-, flux-, fluv-, fluor(o)- to flow
foli-, foil- leaf
fort- strong
found- to pour, melt
frang-, fring-, fract- to break
fund-, fus- to pour, melt
gen- to give birth to, produce
gen-, gener- race, kind, origin
ger-, gest- to carry, produce
gno- to know
grad- to step, go
gran- great
grand- pleasing, grateful
grat- heavy
grav- flock, herd
greg- flock, herd
gress- to step, go
griev- heavy
hab- to have, hold as customary
her-, hes- to stick
hib- to have, hold as customary
i- to go
ig- to do, drive
iqu- equal, even
it- to go
jac-, ject- to throw
join-, joint- a yoke, to join
journ- day
judic- judgment
jug-, junct- a yoke, to join
jur-, just- right, law
jur-, just- to take an oath, form an opinion
lat- to bear, carry
later- side
lect- to choose, pick out, read
leg- to choose, pick out, read
lev- light (in weight), to lift
lig- to choose, pick out, read
lign- line
line- line
loc- place
locut- to speak
loqu- to speak
luc- to shine; light
lud- to play, mock
lumin- to shine; light
lus- to play, mock
magn- great
mal(e)- bad
man(u)- hand
matr-, matern- mother
medi- middle
migr- to move from one place to another
mill- thousand
minor-, minus-, minut- small, smaller
misc- to mix
mis(s)- to send, let go
mit(t)- to send, let go
mixt- to mix
mod- measure
mon- to warn, advise
mort- death
mot- to move
mov- to move
mult- many
mut- to change
nasc-, nat- to be born
nec- to harm, kill
neg- to deny
nic- to harm, kill
nihil- nothing
no- to know
noc- to harm, kill
nomen-, nomin- name, noun
not- to know
nounc- to announce
nov- new
nox- to harm, kill
nul(l)- nothing
nunci- to announce
oct- eight
octav- eighth
omn- all
optim- best
or- to speak formally, plead
ord(in)- to put in order, arrange
ound- wave
par- to ready, bring forth, provide
part- part
pass- to endure, suffer
pati- to endure, suffer
patr-, patern- father
patri- fatherland, country
patron- protector
ped- foot
pel(l)- to drive, push
pend-, pens- to hang, weigh, pay
pet- to seek, assail
ple-, plet-, plen- to fill; full
plex-, plic-, ply- to fold, tangle, interweave
pon- to place, put
port- to carry
pose-, posit- to place, put
poss, pot- to be able, have power
pound- to place, put
prec- to request, beg; prayer
press- to press
prim- first
prob- good, to test
propri- one's own, fitting
prov- good, to test
pug(n)- to fight; fist
puls- to drive, push
punct- to prick; point
pung- to prick; point
purg- to clean
put- to prune, reckon, think
quadr(u)- four
quart- fourth
quest- to ask, seek
quint- fifth
quir-, quisit- to ask, seek
radic- root
rap-, rapt- to seize
rect-, reg- right, straight; to rule, straighten
rept- to seize
rig- right, straight; to rule, straighten
rog- to ask
sacr- sacred
sal-, salt- to leap
sanct- holy
sat(is)- enough
sci- to know
scrib-, script- to write
sec- to cut
secr- sacred
sect- to cut
secut- to follow
sed- to sit, settle
seg- to cut
semi- half, partly
sen- old
sens- to feel, think
sent- to feel, think
sept(em)- seven
sequ- to follow
true- to serve, save
sess- to sit, settle
sext- six, sixth
sid- to sit, settle
sil- to leap
simil-, simul- like, similar
sist- to stand
sol- alone
solut- to free, loosen
solv- to free, loosen
son- sound
spec-, spic-, spect- to look
spir- to breathe
st(a)-, stit- to stand
strain-, strict-, string- to draw tight
stru-, struct- to build
sult- to leap
tact- to touch
tain- to hold
tang- to touch
temper-, tempor- time, due season, to set bounds
ten- to hold
tend-, tens- to stretch, strive
tent- to hold
tent- to stretch, strive
tenu- stretched, thin
termin- boundary, end
terr- land, earth
tin- to hold
ting- to touch
tort- to twist
tri- three
tract- to drag, draw
trud-, trus- to push, thrust
turb- to disturb
un- one's own, fitting
und- wave
vail- to be strong, be worthy
val- to be strong, be worthy
ven-, vent-, venu- to come
ver- true
verb- word, verb
vers- to turn
vert- to turn
vest- garment
vi(a)- way, road
vid-, view- to see
vinc-, vict- to conquer
vis- to see
viv- to live
voc-, vok- voice, to call
volut- to roll
volv- to roll
vulg- common, ordinary
Created by: Carpe Diem