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Latin Root Words Pt1

Latin Root Words: Suffixes and Prefixes

ab-, a-, abs- away, from
ad-, ac- to, toward
ambi- both, around
ante- before, in front of
circum- around
con-, com, co- with, together, very
contra- against
de- down, off, thoroughly
dis-, di-, dif- apart, in different directions, not
en-, em- in, into, against
ex-, e-, ef- out, from, completely
extra-, extro- outside, beyond
in-, im- in, into, against; not
infra- below, beneath
inter- between, among
intra- within
non- not
ob- toward, against, completely
per- through, wrongly, completely
post- after, behind
pre- before, in front of
pro- forward, in front of, for
re-, red- back, again
retro- backward, behind
se-, sed- aside, away
sub-, sus-, suc- under, up from under, secretly
super- above, over
trans-, tran-, tra- across, through
ultra- beyond, exceedingly
-able able to be
-acious tending to
-acity quality of being, inclined to
-acy quality of being or having
-ain pertaining to
-al, -ial, -eal pertaining to
-an, -ian quality of __ing
-ance, -ancy that which must be __-ed
-and(um), -(i)end(um) pertaining to
-ane pertaining to
-ant __ing
-ar pertaining to
-ary pertaining to
-ary, -arium place for
-at(e) (verbal suffix)
-ate possessing
-ate office of
-cle, -icle little
-cule, -icule little
-el little
-ence, -ency quality of __ing
-ent, -ient __ing
-esce to begin
-et, -ette little
-ific making
-ify, -efy to make
-ible able to be
-ic pertaining to
-id tending to
-il little
-il pertaining to
-ile pertaining to
-ile able to be
-ine pertaining to
-ion act of
-it(e) possessing
-it(e) (verbal suffix)
-itude quality of
-itious tending to
-ity, -ety, -ty quality of
-ive tending to
-le little
-(u)lence, -(o)lence state or quality of
-(u)lent, -(o)lent full of
-men result of
-ment result of
-(i)mony quality of
-ole little
-or one who does
-or, -our state of
-ory tending to
-ory, -orium place for
-ose, -iose full of
-ous, -ious, -eous full of
-rix she who does
-tic pertaining to
-ule little
-ulous tending to
-uous tending to
-ure act of
-y quality of
Created by: Carpe Diem