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Latin 2ndDeclension

Latin 2nd Declension masc. Nouns

us i i orum o is um os o is 2nd Declension masc. case endings
servus, i servant, slave
puer, i boy, child
ager, agri farmland, field, ground, soil
culter, cultri knife, plowshare, spear tip
vesper, i evening, evening star, west
cibus, i food, meal, fare
liber, libri book, volume
equus, i horse, steed
dominus, i lord, master, owner
filius, i son
geminus, i twin
ventus, i wind
nimbus, i cloud, rainstorm
murus, i wall, city wall, rampart
gladius, i sword
Gallus, i a Gaul
Romanus, i Roman, the Romans (pl.)
hortus, i garden, park(pl.)
sagittarius, i archer, bowman, fletcher
aquarius, i water bearer; overseer of water supply
legatus, i commander of a legion, deputy, envoy, ambassador, legate, officer
Gothus, i a Goth
lupus, i wolf; grappling iron
ludus, i game, play, sport, pastime, entertainment, fun, school
nuntius, i message, warning, messenger/herald/envoy, news
sucus, i drink/draught, potion, medicinal liquor, juice, sap, moisture
titulus, i heading, label, placard, pretext, ostensible motive, title
vasus, i equipment, pack/kit; utensil/instrument/tool; vase, vessel/dish
Zabulus, i The Devil, Satan, Prince of Evil/Darkness
barbarus, i barbarian
jocus, i joke, jest; sport
agnus, i lamb
mundus, i world, mankind; universe, heavens
socius, i ally, companion, comrade
amicus, i friend, ally, disciple, loved one, patron
stultus, i fool
pilleus, i hat, beret
somnus, i sleep
populus, i people
oculus, i eye
modus, i manner, mode, way, method, kind
medicus, i doctor, physician
magister, tri teacher, master
locus, i place, position, location
inimicus, i personal enemy, foe
Etruscus, i an Etruscan
deus, i god
annus, i year
animus, i mind, heart, spirit, feeling
carrus, i wagon, cart
vir, i man, husband; hero
apostolus, i apostle
angelus, i angel
Christus, i Christ
liberi, liberorum children
discipulus, i student, disciple
vesper, vesperi evening
campus, i field, plain, square, parade ground
Christianus, i a Christian
vicus, i town, village, district, lane, settlement, hamlet
taurus, i bull, bullock
capillus, i hair
episcopus, i bishop, overseer, patriarch
natus, i son, child
modus, i bound, limit; manner, mode, way, method; rule, rhythm, beat, measure, size
numerus, i number, multitude, plurality
famulus, i attendant, slave (male), servant
coquus, i cook
faber, fabri craftsman, carpenter, smith, workman, artisan
fundus, i farm, piece of land, estate
libertus, i ex-slave, freedman
Created by: Civitas