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TP/TP+FN = ? The equation is the formula for calculating sensitivity. Sensitivity = Number of True Positives/(Number of True Positives + Number of False Negatives). It is important that you differentiate sensitivity from specificity. Specificity = Number of True Negat
This spiral-form organism is seen in urine and cultured on Fletcher’s media There isn’t much to remember about Leptospira for this exam so just try to remember that Fletcher’s media is used to culture it.
Organism that gives off a bleach-like odor in culture? A key identifying characteristic for Eikenella corrodens is the production of a bleach-like odor. It is a gram negative bacteria that also causes pitting on agar plates.
Presence of rheumatoid factor in blood may result in false positives for what test? The presence of rheumatoid factor in the blood may result in false positive results with the VDRL test. The VDRL test is a nonspecific serological screening test for syphilis – a variety of factors may cause it to give you a false positive result. These
Mucoid, pink colonies on plate; produces gas; indole (+). On TSI tube you see yellow on the slant and yellow in the deep. What organism is this? Since a yellow color is produced on the slant aspect of the TSI tube, the organism can ferment lactose or sucrose. Keeping in mind that this is a lactose fermenter, take a look at the Enterobacteriaceae chart (in the micro section) and immediately rule ou
PAD (+); indole (+); Organism stains gram negative. What is it? Follow the chart for gram negative bacilli. What organism is PAD + and Indole +? That would be Proteus vulgaris. For practical purposes (and by extension for the exam), it’s important to know that P. vulgaris is Indole positive and P. mirabilis is Indol
You see a curved gram negative bacilli. It was cultured from the GI tract of a person with ulcers. What test would you do next to confirm its identity? you only know a few things about helicobacter pylori, you should know this: It is curved, can infect the GI tract, and the urease it produces may cause ulcers.
HIV-1 & HIV-2 combination ELISA test is positive in a patient with symptoms of immune deficiency. Western blot was inconclusive for HIV-1. What do you do next? You are PRETTY SURE that the person has EITHER HIV-1 or HIV-2 b/c the combo ELISA test tells you so. This test is a cheap, catch-all test so it’s run first. However, this test can give you false positives and you don’t want to go around telling someon
What are the steps of PCR? PCR is an artificial process generating multiple copies of a particular DNA sequence. The first step involves denaturation of the bonds between the two complementary strands so they separate (unzip) from each other; Next, short DNA primers attach (anneal)
A person was successfully treated for syphilis 12 years ago. However, he has just come in again, worried about having been re-infected. What would you look for in his blood? To determine if this patient has been re-infected you would have to perform a VDRL test. Answer choice A is incorrect because a TPA test may remain active for the life of the patient so it is not useful in determining reinfection or treatment.
Common cause of food poisoning (via enterotoxin) and Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome Staphylococcus aureus
CAT(+), cOAG. (+), latex agglutination (+) Clumping factor, Pyrrolidonyl-a-napthylamide (PYR) (-), Ornithine (-) Staphylococcus aureus
Ferments mannitol and produces yellow colonies on Mannitol salt agar (MSA) Staphylococcus aureus
Do most CoNeg staff ferment mannitol? No, most CoNeg staph. DO NOT ferment mannitol and produce red colonies on MSA
what antibiotics are S.aureus resistant to? Penicillin (R)- beta-lactamase production and Methicillin (R) S.aureus (MRSA) is also beta-lactam (R)
What are the rare strains of S.aureus Vancomycin - intermediate S. aureus (VISA) Vancomycin - resistant S. aureus (VRSA) These are both due to VanA altering the target
CoNeg Staph is mostly non-pathogenic, except in... Immunocompromised or neutropenic patients
CoNeg Staph is usually associated with... UTI and associated with infections of catheters and shunts
what are the characteristics of CoNeg Staph GPC in clusters, colonies are white-gray on blood agar and non hemolytic. CAT(+), Coagulase (-)
Which Commonly encountered CoNeg Staph is Novobiocin susceptible? Staphylococcus epidermidis
Which Commonly encountered CoNeg Staph is Novobiocin resistant? Staphylococcus saprohyticus
this CoNeg staff is a frequent cause of endocarditis, ferments mannitol, PYR (+), Slide coagulase (+) clumping factor Staphylococcus lugdunensis
Describe the characteristics of Micrococcus app.
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