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Latin 1st Declension

Latin 1st Declension Nouns

amicitia, ae friendship; alliance
ancilla, ae maidservant, maid
aurora, ae dawn
auriga, ae charioteer
copia, ae supply; forces, troops (pl.)
culina, ae kitchen
cena, ae dinner, meal
filia, ae daughter
fortuna, ae fortune, chance
Gallia, ae Gaul
hora, ae hour
insula, ae island
janua, ae door, entrance
Maria, ae Mary
musa, ae muse
mora, ae delay, hindrance; pause
natura, ae nature, character; birth
ora, ae shore, coastline
olea, ae olive, olive-tree
rea, ae culprit, guilty party, sinner, defendant
ripa, ae bank (of a river)
Roma, ae Rome
silva, ae forest, wood
toga, ae toga
tuba, ae trumpet; military signals/religious rites
vacca, ae cow
zaeta, ae cabin, compartment, outhouse, annex
porta, ae city gates, gate, entrance
bestia, ae beast, animal, creature
domina, ae lady, mistress of a house, upper class wife
fama, ae fame, rumor, reputation, public opinion
familia, ae clan, family, household
forma, ae beauty; form, figure, pattern, mold
fuga, ae flight, escape; exile
ara, ae altar, sanctuary
cithara, ae lyre, lute
galea, ae helmet
poeta, ae poet
nauta, ae sailor, mariner, boatman
agricola farmer, peasant, husbandman
mensa, ae table, meal
taenia, ae ribbon, tape, band
penna, ae quill, feather, wing
regina, ae queen
ecclesia, ae church, assembly, congregation
pupa, ae doll, little girl
turba, ae crowd, mob, multitude; turmoil, commotion
puella, ae girl
femina, ae woman
magistra, ae female teacher
poena, ae penalty, punishment; retribution
a ae ae arum ae is am as a is 1st declension case endings
schola, ae school
ursa, ae Great Bear; she-bear
sella, ae chair of magistrate/office/teacher; seat, stool, chair
stella, ae constellation, planet, heavenly body; star
unda, ae wave
casa, ae cabin, cottage, hut, hovel
culpa, ae fault, crime, blame, error, defect
aquila, ae eagle; legion, post of standard-bearer; silver eagle on pole, standard of a legion
pictura, ae picture, painting
amphora, ae pitcher, two handled earthenware jar
lacrima, ae tear, weeping (pl.)
gloria, ae glory, fame, renown; vainglory, boasting
pecunia, ae money
vita, ae life
via, ae road, way, street
victoria, ae victory
vigilia, ae watch, vigil
umbra, ae shade, shadow, ghost
terra, ae land, earth
sagitta, ae arrow, dart
rosa, ae rose
ruina, ae downfall, collapse, ruin, disaster
patria, ae fatherland, country
medicina, ae medicine, remedy, cure
luna, ae moon
lingua, ae tongue, language
laetitia, ae fertility, fruitfulness; joy/happiness
injuria, ae injury, wrong, harm
incola, ae inhabitant, resident
hasta, ae spear/lance/javelin
gratia, ae grace, favor, thanks (pl.)
fenestra, ae window, opening
figura, ae figure, shape, form, image; figure of speech
fabula, ae story, tale
epistula, ae letter
corona, ae crown, wreath
causa, ae cause, reason
aqua, ae water
villa, ae farmhouse, villa, estate, village
Hispania, ae Spain
herba, ae plant, grass, herb
tabella, ae writing tablet, ballot
Roma, ae Rome
libra, ae pair of scales, Roman pound
toga, ae toga, outer garment of Roman citizen
ira, ae anger, wrath
memoria, ae memory, past event
Italia, ae Italy
pugna, ae fight, battle
provincia, ae province; command, duty, office
scientia, ae knowledge, skill, expertise
taberna, ae stall, shop, inn, hut
gloria, ae glory, fame, ambition, vainglory
magistra, ae female teacher
potentia, ae force, power, political power
Missa, ae Mass
papa, ae Pope
doctrina, ae teaching, doctrine, instruction, education
justitia, ae justice, righteousness
anima, ae soul, life, spirit, wind, breeze, air
misericordia, ae mercy, kindness, compassion, pathos, pity, sympathy
inopia, ae lack, need, poverty, dearth, want, scarcity
praeda, ae booty, loot, spoils, plunder, prey
tenebrae, arum (pl.) darkness, gloom
sententia, ae opinion, feeling, sentiment, way of thinking, thought
sapientia, ae good taste, discretion, intelligence, wisdom
venia, ae favor, kindness, indulgence, pardon, permission, mercy
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