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Radioactivity A substance that spontaneously emits energy
Alpha Particle same as a helium nucleus. 2 neutrons and 2 protons . Have large mass but can be stopped by paper. Radon is an alpha particle emitter
Beta Particle One of the neutrons within the nucleus is converted into a proton and an electron is ejected. Escaping electron is the beta particle
Gamma Particle High energy EM photon from the nucleus. IT is not in the visible part of the EM spectrum.
Radioactive Half-Life Time for half of the isotope to decay. Radioisotopes disintegrate into stable isotopes
Hertz Measurement of frequency. Occurrence/time. Cycle/S. Hz= 1/s. Hz= s^-1
Electromagnetic Spectrum R.M.I.V.U.X.G
Wave equation Velocity= frequency (U symbol ) x wavelength (lamda L)
Wave equation alternatives C=U x L, F=U/L, L=C/U. For the pyramid, C is on top, U(frequency) bottom left, L(lambda) is bottom right
Energy is the photon is _____ proportional to its frequency directly. High frequency= high energy
The energy of a photon is ______ proportional to its wavelength inversely. Short wavelength= low energy
Radiofrequency Usually described in terms of frequency (Hz). Rf waves have very low energy and long wavelength. Used in MRI. Overlap on the EM spectrum with microwaves.
Ionizing Radiation Characterized by the energy contained in a photon. Much higher energy levels than RF or visible light photons
Ionizing Radiation Attenuation Reduction in intensity resulting from SCATTER and ABSORPTION. Radiopaque (Absorb photons). Radiolucent/Radioparent (gowns, tape, hair.) Absorbing so there is LESS photons.
Planck's Quantum Equation E=hU. E is the photon energy. h is planck's constant, and U is the photon frequency in hertz
Exponent, decimal rule Each time we move the decimal point one place to the left, the exponent increases by 1.
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