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Japanese colors

Some common colors and useful sentences with color

Color Iro
Black Kuro
White Shiro
Grey Hairo / Gurē
Red Aka
Blue Ao
Green Midori
Yellow Kiiro
Orange Daidaiiro / Orenji
Brown Chairo
Pink Momoiro / Pinku
Purple Murasaki
Gold Kiniro
Silver Giniro
Light Blue Mizuiro
Dark Blue Koniro
Light purple Fujiiro
Dark brown kogechairo
Bright golden yellow Yamabukiiro
Yellow ochra Oudoiro
Yellow green Ki midori
Dark green Fuka midori
Beige Beju
Copper Akaganeiro
Bronze Seidouiro
A blue car Aoi kuruma
A red box Akai hako
A silver car Gin iro no kuruma
A brown cat Chairo no neko
A black cat Kuroi neko
A brown shoe Chaori no kutsu
A white shoe Shiroi kutsu
The sky is blue Sora wa aoi desu
Snow is white Yuki wa shiroi
A tree is green Ki wa midori desu
I like the color of this table kono tēburu no iro ga suki desu
It's bronze Seidouiro des
I like the blue color Watashi wa aoi iro ga sukidesu
I like the purple color Watashi wa murasaki no iro ga sukidesu
I like red Watashi wa aka ga sukidesu
Multicolored Tashokuno
Rainbow Niji
My favourite color is green Watashi no sukinairo wa ao midori
Created by: Avelorn