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Ch. 1

Civil Litigation: Process & Procedures_3rd Edition_T.F.Goldman_A.H.Hughes

Civil Litigation Resolution of legal disputes between parties seeking a remedy for a civil wrong or to enforce a contract.
Criminal Litigation Government enforcement of laws or prosecution for breach of a law.
Legal Team The collective group of people working on a case or matter under the supervision of an attorney.
Paralegal A person qualified by education, training, or work experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency, or other entity and who performs specifically delegated, substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible; equivalent term is legal assistant.
Legal Support Staff Members of the law office who provide support functions to the legal team; includes law librarians, legal secretaries, receptionists, information technologists, bookkeepers, and mailroom personnel.
Inside Corporate Counsel Lawyer employed by a corporation to provide legal advice and counsel on corporate matters.
Lawyers Law school graduates ho have passed the bar examination, hold a license to practice law, and have met the minimum qualifications stablished by the individual jurisdictions of courts for obtaining a license to practice and represent clients.
Partners Lawyers who have an ownership interest in a law firm and a stake in the firm's profits.
Associates Non-owner lawyers, usually salaried employees of the law firm.
Managing Partner Partner responsible for managing the business operations of a firm, such as taking care of the facilities, management, human resources supervision, and public relations.
Supervising Attorney Member of the legal team to whom all others on the team report and who has the ultimate responsibility for the actions of the legal team.
Soft Skills Ability to work successfully with others and handle oneself appropriately in the working environment.
Human Relations Skills Soft Skills; ability to work successfully with others and handle oneself appropriately in the working environment.
Resourcefulness Ability to meet and handle a situation and find solutions to problems.
Commitment Finishing what one starts out to do.
Professionalism Conduct in accordance with the expectations of a profession.
Analytical Skills Ability to follow a step-by-step process to solve a solution.
Interpersonal Skills Ability to work well with all types of people.
Communication Skills Ability to express ideas effectively in both spoken and written word.
Facts Actual or alleged events and occurrences.
Reference Manual A handbook of information updated and maintained by the paralegal.
Conflict of Interest Situations where the interests or loyalties of the lawyer and client may be or may appear to be adverse or divided.
Time Keeping Maintaining records of the time spent in reforming tasks on a case or matter; may include the recording of costs or expenditures related to the performance of the tasks.
Created by: JacquelineS89
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