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Using Latin I: VIII

Beginning Latin

Aranea, -ae (f.) Spider
Arma, -orum (n. pl.) Arms, weapons; tools
Castra, -orum (n. pl.) Camp
Cibus, -i (m.) Food
Dextra, -ae (f.) Right hand, right (as opposed to left)
A dextra On the right
elephantus, -i (m.) Elephant
Factum, -i (n.) Deed, act
Formica, -ae (f.) Ant
Galea, -ae (f.) Helmet
Jaculum, -i (n.) Javelin
Mora, -ae (f.) Delay (noun)
Oraculum, -i (n.) Oracle
Palla, -ae (f.) Long robe, mantle; Curtain
Pestilentia, -ae (f.) Pestilence, plague
Pilum, -i (n.) Spear
Populus, -i (m.) People
Proelium, -i (n.) Battle
Sagittarius, -i (m.) Archer
Saxum, -i (n.) Stone, a stone, rock
Sinistra, -ae (f.) Left hand, left
A sinistra on the left
Somnium, -i (n.) Dream
Sonus, -i (m.) Sound, noise
Tectum, -i (n.) House; Roof
Tergum, -i (n.) Back, rear
A tergo At the back, from the rear
Victoria, -ae (f.) Victory
Vipera, -ae (f.) Viper, snake
Aciter Vigorously, fiercely
Male Badly
Maxime Especially, very greatly, very much, very
Quam How, as, than
Quam primum As soon as possible
Tamen Still, nevertheless, however
Curo, -are, -avi, -atum Care for, take care of, look after; Cure
Debeo, -ere, debui, -itum To owe; Ought
Doleo, -ere, dolui, doliturus To suffer; Grieve, grieve for
Moneo, -ere, monui, -itum To warn, advise
Nuntio, -are, -avi, -atum To announce, report
Oppugno, -are, -avi, -atum To attack
Provoco, -are, -avi, -atum To challenge
Vasto, -are, -avi, -atum To lay waste, destroy, devastate
Vigilo, -are, -avi, -atum To keep watch, watch, keep awake
Volo, -are, -avi, -atum To fly
Prope + acc. Near
Sine + abl. Without
Acutus, -a, -um Acute, sharp
Aeger, -gra, -gratum Ill, sick
Altus, -a, -um High, tall; Deep
Beatus, -a, -um Happy
Centum Hundred
Hic, haec, hoc This; pl. These
Impiger, -gra, -grum Energetic, industrious
Latus, -a, -um Wide, broad
Longinquus, -a, -um Distant
Magicus, -a, -um Magical, magic
Mirus, -a, -um Strange, remarkable
Created by: Hamilcar



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