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Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

Radiology Study of x-rays, radioactive substances and ionizing radiation.
Radiologist One who specializes in radiology.
Radiogenic Caused by or produced by radioactivity.
Radiotherapy The treatment of diseases by the use of x-rays and other radioactive substances.
Roentgen (R) The international unit for describing exposure dose of x-rays.
(MRI)Magnetic Resonance Imaging A technique that uses radio waves and powerful magnet to produce images of a body's internal organs.
Dosimetrist One who specializes in the planning and calculating of radiation dosage.
Half-Life The time required for half of the radioactivity of a substance to be reduced by radioactive decay.
Scan A process of using a moving device or a sweeping beam of radiation to produce images of the body.
Echography The process of using ultrasound waves for diagnostic and treatment purposes.
Contrast Medium A radiopaque or chemical substance used in some x-ray procedures to permit visualization of organs.
Radioactive Charactized by emitting radiant energy.
ERTExternal Radiation Therapy Method in which patient receives calculated doses of radiation from a machine located at some distance from a tumor.
Internal Radiation Therapy Patient receives radiation from source inside the body.
Sealed Radiation Therapy Radioactive material is sealed in gold container and placed closed to the tumor.
Unsealed Radiation Therapy Radioactive materials are administered IV or PO
Nuclear Medicine Branch of medicine that uses atomic particles for diagnostic or treatment purposes.
Tomography The process of ''cutting'' across and producing images of single tissue plains. Mammogram
Cholecystogram An x-ray record of the gallbladder.
Angiocardiogram An x-ray of the heart and great blood vessels.
Hysterosalpingogram An x-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes.
Pyelography An x-ray study of the kidney and renal pelvis.
Aortogram An x-ray image of the aorta
Anticoagulant A substance which prevents blood from clotting. Like EDTA and Heparin.
Buffy Coat The white colored layer that forms between the packed RBC and the plasma and consists of WBC and Thrombocytes.
WBC Count The number of WBC per cubic mm
Differential Count Determines the percentage of each WBC
(ESR) Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Test that determines the speed at which RBC settle at the bottom of a tube.
Hematocrit Measures volume of RBC compare to whole blood.
Artifact Unwanted marks on a radiogram
Myelograpy Radiography of the spinal cord after injection of a contrast medium into the spinal canal.
Fluoroscopy Radiographic procedure that uses a fluorescent screen instead of a photographic plate to produce an image of tissues and deep structures of the body.
CPK Blood test that measures the level of the enzyme creatine phosphokinase.
Pro-ThrombinPT Measures the ability of the blood to clot. Used to evaluate the effectiveness of anticoagulation drug therapy.
Mammogram An X-ray image of the breast
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