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Using Latin I: VI

Beginning Latin

Ager, agri (m.) Field, farm, land
Agricultura, -ae (f.) Agriculture
Amicus, -i (m.) Friend
Ara, -ae (f.) Altar
Cena, -ae (f.) Dinner, feast
Donum, -i (n.) Gift
Equus, -i (m.) Horse
Filius, -i (m.) Son
Frumentum, -i (n.) Grain
Gladius, -i (m.) Sword
Hasta, -ae (f.) Spear
Hortus, -i (m.) Garden
Lucerna, -ae (f.) Lamp
Leo, -onis (m.) Lion
Mensa, -ae (f.) Table
Oppidum, -i (n.) Town
Periculum, -i (n.) Danger, peril
Praemium, -i (n.) Reward
Puer, pueri (m.) Boy, youth
Servus, -i (m.) Slave, servant
Statua, -ae (f.) Statue
Templum, -i (n.) Temple
Aedifico, -are, -avi, -atum To build
Navigo, -are, -avi, -atum To sail, navigate
Paro, -are, -avi, -atum To get ready, prepare; To obtain, get
Pugno, -are, -avi, -atum To fight
Defessus, -a, -um Tired, tired out, weary, exhausted
Fidus, -a, -um Faithful
Malus, -a, -um Bad
Nullus, -a, -um No, none
Solus, -a, -um Alone
Validus, -a, -um Strong, well
Pro +Abl. For, for the sake of, on behalf of; Before, in front of
Aestate In summer
Domi At home
Ecce Behold! See!
Hieme In winter
Nonne Used to introduce question answered "yes"
Satis Sufficiently, enough
Created by: Hamilcar