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APS Social Studies

Physical Geography of the United States and Canada

Mount McKinley located in the Alaska Range it is the highest point on the continent
The Rocky Mountains stretch for more than 3,000 miles from New Mexico to Alaska
The Great Plains sometimes called the interior plains or the high plains because of their location and elevation
Canadian Shield a giant core of rock centered on the Hudson and James Bays.
Appalachian Mountains North Americas' oldest mountain range extending 1,500 miles from Quebec to Alabama
a divide a high point or Ridge that determines the direction that rivers flow
Headwaters the source of the river
Tributaries brooks, rivers or streams that connect with a main river
The Mississippi River one of North America's longest rivers, it is one of the world's busiest waterways
the fall line marks the place where the higher land of the piedmont drops to the lower Atlantic Coastal plain often see rapids and waterfalls
fisheries places for catching fish and other sea mamals
The Grand Banks was once one of the world's richest fishing grounds
Timberline the elevation above which trees cannot grow
the Chinook a warm wind blowing down the eastern slopes of the Rockies rapidly melting and evaporating snow from the base of a mountain
The Prairies a naturally treeless expanse of grasses spread across the continent's midsection
supercells violent spring and summer thunderstorms that spawn tornadoes
Hurricanes ocean storms hundreds of miles wide with winds 74 miles per hour or more
Blizzards winds of more than 35 miles an hour with heavy or blowing snow
Death Valley has the highest temperature ever recorded in the United States
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