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EMT Med Term (short)

AAOS 11th edition Chapter 5 Common Terms

cardi heart
hepat liver
nephr kidney
neur nerves
psych mind
thorac chest
hyper- over, excessive, or high
hypo- under or below normal
tachy- fast
brady- slow
pre- before
post- after
-algia pain
-itis inflammation
-ology study of
-megaly enlargement
-pathy disease
uni- one
bi- two
epi- above
sub- below
contra- against, opposite
ipsi- same
endo- inside
exo- out or outside
anterior front
posterior back
superior closest to head
inferior closest to feet
proximal closest to core
distal distant from core
medial closest to midline (center)
lateral farthest from midline (side)
superficial close to surface of skin
deep through surface of skin
Fowler's sitting
semi-Fowler's sitting, but reclined at 45-degrees
tripod sitting forward with weight supported on arms
supine on the spine; face up
prone on the belly; face down
lateral recumbent recovery position on side
flexion bending a joint
extension straighten a joint
adduction move to midline
abduction move away from midline
anatomical position standing straight with palms facing forward
Created by: EMSPlatypus